User Error Fail: Avocado Pie

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What I Did: has a weekly weekend sweets photo roundup, this week’s theme was “summer pie” well, refrigerated pies are summery and avocados were on sale so: Avocado Pie. Yes, I changed things, that’s why it’s such an epic fail. I added sliced avocado, fanned out on the bottom of the crust (never to be seen again until it went GLOP). All because for some reason my brain translated 3.5 oz of lemon juice (I used lime, it should have worked) into 3.5 Tablespoons (or about 1 Tbl short of citrus juice). My pie came out runny and sad, gloppy and weepy -should filling have to be hot to get meringue to set well?

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 pinterest fail avocado pie

Next Time I Will:  I think it could be saved if 1) you don’t fan out slices of avocado along the base of the pie, and 2) use the correct amount of lemon/lime juice. Maybe follow the original recipe’s suggestion of whipped cream (or maybe just plain yogurt) instead of lightly sweetened meringue.




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