14 Sep

Fail: Dried Strawberries, Part 7

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Pin Reaper: Kristin S

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Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/299419075196406016/, via http://www.theworldwidegourmet.com/recipes/dried-strawberries-ruscalleda/


What I Did: Ha! The link promises they taste like candy and are better than Twizzlers (which happens to be my favorite candy)!?!?

I followed the directions, except my strawberries were HUGE so I cut them into smaller pieces. I left one smaller one whole so I could make sure I didn’t “ruin” them by cutting them. I baked them for 3 hours at 210 degrees like it said…. and they turned out still juicy and mostly very sour and a horrible texture! Very disappointing. Even my daughter who loves strawberries wouldn’t eat them because they were “too sour” and she wanted a fresh one.

My Result:

pinterest fail oven dried strawberries

Next Time I Will:  They might have tasted better if I would have left them in a lot longer so they were more gummy like other “dried” fruits? Maybe my oven temp isn’t correct. Something went terribly wrong, and they turned out like this…. half cooked, soggy strawberries.



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  1. Brittany says:


    1. auchel says:

      omg they looks like vaginas… haha i dont even care people will be like youre a sicko but for real?! it looks like vagina and makes this fail even better hah

      1. Andrea says:

        I got the same result…I want to see if the original post is being honest because I’m ready to call BS.

        1. Leah says:

          They look like vaginas…..

          1. Smurfy says:

            LOL They do so look like vaginas!!!

            1. Kim says:

              I’ve wasted so many good strawberries on this! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has problems with it!

              I’m with Andrea – the original post is BS

              1. Charity says:

                I am SO GLAD this really doesn’t work! I got all excited to do a pinterest thing, and when I did this and it turned out like little nasty vaginas I thought, “I can’t even FOLLOW 2 DIRECTIONS RIGHT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!” But it sounds like it’s the recipe! Hallelujah!

                1. SERIOUSLY says:


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