12 Sep

Fail: Green Tea Coconut Milk Ice Cream

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Pin Reaper: Dominique and Melanie

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Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/63543044715820429/, via http://www.theroastedroot.net/green-tea-coconut-milk-ice-cream/


What I Did: Healthy Green Tea Ice Cream with only 3 ingredients?? How could this possibly go wrong? Followed the directions EXACTLY. A little Matcha Powder – which was $25 for a little teeny tiny can! Two cans of coconut milk, and some Agave syrup.
We should have know it was going to be gross when it started to boil and it already smelled awful. But we soldered on…. put our smelly concoction in the icecream maker…15 minutes later we had ourselves a bowl of GREEN STINKY FISH SOUP! Epic Fail.

My Result:

pinterest fail green tea coconut milk ice cream

Next Time I Will:  Went down the drain… maybe less (MUCH LESS) matcha powder.




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  1. kittentoes says:

    Ewwww. This looks so grody, and I like pea soup.

    1. lolwat says:

      it sounds like you added the agave syrup during the boiling step. wrong. that stuff probably doesn’t stand up well to heating. also, i suspect you didn’t use the ice cream maker properly. Did you chill the core first? Also, the finished product after ice cream churning is usually only a soft-serve consistency. To get fully set ice cream, you take this soft-serve type stuff and put it in the freezer.

      Also, agave syrup and agave nectar aren’t the same thing. Agave syrup is processed and not too different than high fructose corn syrup. Please do research and follow directions before complaining about recipes. User error.

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