Fail: Cauliflower Tortillas

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What I Did: Ok, so I have been trying to find healthy options to some of the regular foods that we eat as a family. We use tortillas pretty frequently and they are not the healthiest on a day to day basis. I saw this pin for cauliflower tortillas that seemed interesting. The comments were so great that I had to try them.
All was well on the first few steps. I cut it up, cooked as directed, shredded it up and added eggs and some spices. Put onto the cookie sheet just as it said, cooked for desired time and attempted to remove parchment and transfer to a wire rack.. that was the initial “break” down. They were mushy on the bottom and started falling apart. I was able to salvage a couple. Couldn’t wait to try one….
Put in a little grated cheddar thinking i’ll just keep it simple on the first one. It was so disgusting. I literally spit it into the garbage can.
So.. I have to decide at this point, do I just abort the whole mission or give it another go..
I have a son that only eats really healthy food. Its really interesting what this kid can choke down! Decided to finish the rest for him and his girlfriend to try.
So here’s the next breakdown…
Tried to remove from parchment and it was so soggy it would not release. OK now, isn’t this what parchment is made for? Everything releases! Oh well, still had a couple remnants to work with. But here’s the thing… they were sooo soggy on the bottom. A lightbulb went off in my head… why not go to the grill and dry then out a little…. Yeah, well they fell apart even further. After getting all that I could, transferred to a plate for i don’t know what. I tried a little piece, still bad. Decided to throw a little cotija cheese on to see if that might help them to be edible. Not even that made it edible.
Son and gf came home, i told them that these were “healthy” alternatives to tortillas, they looked hopeful and I felt really bad!! 🙂
Took a couple polite nibbles, and gf was so polite to even thank me. Ended up in the trash.

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pinterest fail cauliflower tortillas

Next Time I Will:  Cauliflower doesn’t do it for tortillas… not quite sure how the substitution came to be anyway.




  1. Lea

    My sister actually made these and said they were delicious. I asked her to save me some, but they ate it all. 🙁 Her BF and my mom both said they came out really good. Did you drain the shredded cauliflower? It might be why they were soggy? My sister also said that they don’t taste the best by themselves, so they made steak tacos with them. She said by themselves, they taste too eggy.

  2. mia

    Drain, drain and drain is the magic word here. I make these all the the time and they are great. Of course its not the same as flour tortillas since they have no gluten to hold it together, but an awesome substitute.

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve made these a few times and they’ve turned out delicious and perfect every time. Draining cauliflower takes awhile but the end result is WORTH IT.

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