Fail: No Heat Curls

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What I Did: I thought I would be great at this because this technique is one of the first things you learn in cosmetology school. We called them Zulu knots. This was a no brainer for me. My daughter Bridget was so patient while I did this. Took me a good hour of watching Disney and twisting knots. My biggest fear was the hair would not be dried by the morning. That is why I did so many. She was SO excited to see it in the morning. After I got all the bobbi pins out I tried to pull them apart as gentle as I could to avoid any frizz. Well as you can tell, that didn’t help. The curls were just too tight. She skipped over to the mirror while I was trying and failing to hold in my laughter. The look on her face tells it all. She was crushed. I on the other hand was laughing so hard it hurt. By this time we were late to school and my only option was so spray it down and slick it back into a bun.

My Result:

pinterest fail no heat curls

Next Time I Will:  I would not try this again but if you twisted my arm to, I would do bigger sections and I wouldn’t twist them so tight. My solution was to but foam rollers from the beauty supply.
Here are pictures of my solution!
She is much happier. Now I just use a curling iron since she is not afraid if it anymore!




pinterest fail no heat curls





  1. Stefanie

    I tried that one and if you do too many twists, or too tight, it’s going to be really big! When it happens I usually put my hair in a messy bun for a few minutes – up to maybe half an hour – and it’s really pretty after that 🙂 I love to do it but sometimes my hair is still a little wet in the morning… It needs to be almost completely dry!

  2. Emily

    I used to do my hair like that on purpose, to get the big hair – I wanted to look like Donna Summer. It was the 70s… this made me laugh out loud.

  3. Paula Randolph

    I guess you guys are too young to have experienced all the many ways we curled our hair in our childhood and teens, with and without curlers — all without heat. That’s what styling gel is for. Then you don’t have to worry about your hair being still damp.

  4. Deh

    The problem with this technique is that it requires time and people want to see the perfect look as soon as they remove the pins. You need to wait a bit until the curls get heavy and fall naturally, and, of course, you can’t do a lot of knots if you don’t want a big hair.
    Having said that, I don’t like my hair curling up to the root, so I do some rolls (with hair curlers) from the middle of my hair up to the end. It works perfectly and I get nice and natural curls (they don’t last long if you don’t use spray, though).

  5. Deh

    Anyway, your daughter looks great in the last picture, thus, I think you got the perfect method for her 🙂

  6. Brittany

    This actually works. Use wet hair, toilet paper, and after you finished fastening the curls, put a pair of pantyhose on the head. Also, if you have short hair, it’ll curl up more.

  7. erin

    Oh, she looks so cute in that first photo! Poor sweetie, to cry. If she were a teen, I would tell her she can seroiusly ROCK that look if she wants to! (She looks great in the 2nd photo too, of course.)

  8. Lori

    When I would do this, I would lightly mist my hair with water and pick at it a little with a pick (never a brush, maybe a wide tooth comb if careful) to relax them just a little, and shake head to separate a little. More than that and you wind up with big, poufy hair (I once wound up looking like my grandmother’s mini-me…)

  9. Elena

    What parent in their right mind would use a hot curling iron on a toddler? She will have plenty of time to ruin her hair in adolescence, at least don’t ruin it for her that early on!!

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