1. Danni

    you did it wrong, you must do a figure in the water using a stick, put your hand inside the bowl without touching the water and take it out immediately, you can also do it with an stamping kit, without putting your finger in the water. good luck with that

  2. Shannon

    there are several youtube videos showing how to do this. if you watch it’s easy to do this. here is one i use but there are 50 more

  3. M

    Hey Jenna, it would be great if you could post FAILS/WINS that actually followed the directions. I love reading about which PINS work and which ones don’t, but the reason I have been turned off so many similar blogs is because the contributors don’t even follow the instructions properly. I think it would really set your blog apart and elevate it to the next level if you were able to cross-check the instructions with the method the contributors follow to ensure that the reviews are as genuine as possible πŸ™‚

    • Jenna


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! As the site grows I continue to grapple with this. I want Pinterest Fail to be a place where people can laugh at their own failures, and place where people can root out the things they should/shouldn’t try. Sometimes failures happen because the directions are poor. Sometimes it’s because the project is too complicated for people without a lot of experience. Sometimes it happens because the person working on the project didn’t follow directions. I’m still not sure where I want to draw the line.

  4. Sara

    I followed the youtube clip after seeing these awesome nails on pinterest and still managed to get paint everywhere. I know that if I repeatedly did it I’d probably get better at not getting nailpolish on every article of everything, but I was really happy (I know that sounds mean) to see that someone else struggled with this as well! Thanks for posting, I don’t feel as bad anymore!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Lydia

    Hi Jenna,
    I just wanted to respond with some feedback regarding this issue. I do understand that people get frustrated when directions clearly aren’t followed, but I personally agree that there are a lot of different types of “fails” and honestly I often find the “user-fails” to be the most entertaining! I don’t personally come to this site to look for Pinterest projects that work and ones that don’t, I come here to get a laugh!

    I guess the only thing I can suggest maybe some sort of explanation at the start of the website explaining that these posts are a variety of fails (user fails, direction fails, etc,), just like you explained above. Maybe that will let people know what they’re in for so they can decide to keep looking or not??? Not sure if that will help or not but it’s just a thought. When I think of this site I think of the sarcastic “Nailed it” pictures where people can laugh at themselves for not executing projects to perfection like whatever picture from their project. Personally I love this site as is. Anyway, just another person’s opinion. Hope that helps!

    • Jenna

      Thanks for the feedback Lydia! I will keep that in mind as I adjust things in the future.

  6. OonaBee

    Keep it up Jenna – these are hilarious. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with blue feet from the Listerine soak. Not a pretty look. ;^)

  7. ms. chickenscare

    sara, use scotch tape to tape off skin and minimize the mess …
    renn, when you try this the next time, besides following the how-to in the video, it’s a good idea to use water from a water filter (here in germany, britta is a household name) at room temperature. in cold water the polish won’t spread. in (too) warm water, it dries instantly – no more marbling possible.
    avoid working near an aircon or a fan – the polish will dry waaaay too fast.

    and: it takes several tries πŸ˜‰

    good luck!

  8. arianna

    the girl in the puintrest picture has tape false nails

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