User Error: Spiderweb Cupcakes

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What I Did: It was for the company Halloween BBQ. It looked simple enough. Spiderweb cupcakes. Easy peasy. I can make cupcakes. False. It all started with a beautiful picture and fanciful self-confidence. The cupcakes came out simple enough. Then the decorating began. To preface, I’d like to blame my lack of baking icing tips not my decorating prowess. I’d also like to blame transport for the melting icing (even though they were a lost cause well before then). Frosted. Check. Now for the spiderwebs. Forgot those decorating icing tips. No worries. I’ll Martha Stewart this and use sandwich bags with a cut tip. Gah! No I won’t. How can I fix this? Witches hats? Witches hats are easy enough. Ooo maybe not. Abort! Ghosts? Yeah, no. Better off with the hats. Just throw some sprinkles on it, I told myself. That’ll do. Ermm, and maybe some candy corn. Yeah, yeah, definitely candy corn. Why are you melting?! Ah well, save it for the Pinterest Fail. You’re welcome, company BBQ. You are welcome. (Note: I couldn’t find the original Pinspiration, which were green-sprinkled spiderweb wonders, but you get the idea.)

My Result:

pinterest fail spooky spider cupcakes

Next Time I Will:  Would I do anything differently? Yes, next time, mummy cupcakes, because those are bound to be easier right?





  1. Regina

    Loved it! Yeah, next time mummy cakes, go for it!

  2. Bobbie McCormack

    It looks as though you are on the right track. The FAIL part was just because of the heat. I think they should taste great.

    If it sounds too simple, it usually isn’t…..

  3. C

    Your basic cupcake skills need some work before you try to get fancy! Read up on proper baking techniques and try not to spill batter and frosting all over the cupcake papers.

  4. emmy

    The proper way to make those spider webs is to use the icing to make circles (like a bullseye) and then use a toothpick to pull from the center out! WAY easier than trying to do each individual portion of the web!

  5. Tinkerbell

    Agree with Emmy – the toothpick trick works very well!

  6. Kimberly

    It looks as though part of your problem is the icing you use. Generally speaking, when icing cupcakes fanciful, one should use a crusty buttercream. They hold up a little better in the heat and make icing a breeze, even with little knowledge on proper icing technique. It looks as though you used a canned icing from the grocery store. Try whipping up some homemade buttercream. You’ll never go back and your cupcakes will (hopefully) look a lot better! 🙂

  7. Sal

    Wait until your cupcakes are completely cooled before you try to ice them. This will make a huge difference in the appearance of your cupcakes.

  8. Asia

    This was absolutely USER ERROR. I am a self taught baker and decorator and I have made these, and cookie versions of these many times and have worked out wonderfully. This person was just inexperienced. Not really her fault, but not the fault of the original recipe.

  9. melissa ferns

    I use black gel icing you get from the store the kind you use to write on birthday cakes make a bulls eye starting at the edge of the cupcake but move outward with the circle making about 7 points then a straight line from the center circle to the edge circle connecting the points but don’t pass the outer points. Around Halloween you can find black widow gummies i found mine at walmart and placed them in the center and used orange and purple sugar crystal sprinkles for an extra sparkly look it worked best using store bought chocolate frosting and fully cooled. My kids decided to add their own touch and threw some purple and black candy bats on some and also added some gummy tarantulas to a couple but over all i think they came out pretty cute i didn’t expect them to be perfect and the kids definately loved them.

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