Fail: Frozen Dinner Roll Pizzas

Name: Amy

Original Inspiration:, via


What I Did: I was trying to make frozen mini pizzas for my husband’s lunches, I did exactly what the instructions said. Obviously, the crust didn’t turn out quite like I wanted.

My Result:

-pinterest fail frozen dinner roll pizzas

Next Time I Will:  Changes: make my own dough!




  1. Rachel

    Maybe you could fill these with your pizza fixins instead. They look like they have a fun crunchy crust that could hold up as a hand-held treat. But yes- I’ve used the Rhodes rolls before and they certainly like to rise!

  2. CR

    You can’t skip Step 1 and then call it a fail.

  3. Sam

    I agree, CR. Did you [from the directions] “smash them down or roll them out, whatever is easier until you get the desired shape?” I’ve used Rhodes rolls for mini flatbreads and it works great — but again, the key is pressing or rolling out the dough. I’ve not had mine rise like that when flattened. Give it another try!

  4. Amanda D.

    Why are there no toppings on your pizzas? It looks to me like you tried to bake your crusts before topping them. Unfortunately, that is not how real pizza works. even the instructions say to top first, then bake so I don’t think this fail was the bread’s fault lol.

  5. Chloe

    I agree, this one confused me at first, kept trying to figure out where the toppings had all fallen off to. Just do it again and read the instructions out loud.

  6. Crystal

    I make homemade pizza lunchables… the deal is you have to poke holes in them before you bake so they don’t puff up. just think them out into little pizza rounds with either a roller or your hands (my preference) and poke them all over with a fork (try not to make holes)…

  7. KW

    You have to roll them out and poke holes so the air can escape.

  8. Laura

    Nope, not a fail at all. Make them all the time for the kiddos. You can’t put a round glob of dough on a cookie sheet and expect it too cook out flat, now can you! You simply flatten them out … add your toppings … and voila, done. I like this site, but now I wonder if some of these fails are for the entertainment fact alone, and not actual fails ???????

  9. Sarah H

    You have to flatten the rolls out first-stretch ’em pretty thin.

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