Fail: Strawberry Margarita Jello Shot Cups

Name: Jeweleanna


Original Inspiration:, via


What I Did: I chose this project for my 40th birthday. Apparently I cut the bottoms too much causing the jello is drip through to the bottom.

My Result:

pinterest fail strawberry margarita jelly shot cups

Next Time I Will:  I would pick bigger strawberries or just make regular shooters.




  1. Corissa

    You have to cut the bottom of the strawberry so it has a flat surface to stand. I did this and looked 10 times better than the actual pin.

  2. Lee

    It also appears that you used a regular muffin tin, while the pin used a mini muffin tin. Perhaps that would help them at least stay up.

  3. Samantha

    Hollowing out the strawberries a bit would have helped too, there isn’t much space in them for anything!

  4. Hannah

    I made these twice before and they always are a hit and turn out so cute. One- you always have to have extra jello shot mix after pouring. Cutting the very tip of the bottoms is essential to making them stand- if you cut them too much and they leak when you pour them, I still put them in the fridge, as the jello at the very bottom usually solidifies the hole. Then use the extra jello shot mix to refill the strawberries, and they should be set.

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