Win: The Fish Bowl

[Editor’s Note: I’m always happy to see that people are testing out fails to see if they can make them a win. If you are successful, send the results my way!)

Name: LenaBena

My Blog:

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: My friend wanted the fishbowl drink for her bday. She asked how I would do it because she saw the fail version. I’m full of win.

Premixed the beverage. Put the nerds in, added ice and fish candy then poured the drink. I was perfect.

Blog Post Detailing The Experience:

My Result:

pinterest fail fishbowl drink

Next Time I Will Change:  Not a thing.

pinterest fail fishbowl drink


  1. Tinkerbell


  2. NYCupcake

    yay! looks fantastic!

  3. Cat

    This is adorable, and props to LenaBena for creating such a cute “winning” spin on this.


    The original pin that failed so many times around the internet has failed because it was done in a fish bowl – which is what the pin was originally served in. It is considerably harder to create and structure the elements of this beverage in a large-scale vessel than it is to create it in a stemless wine glass. So although I would consider this a win, it’s not really proving the original pin is a win. In my opinion, the original pin is still a fail.

    • Jenna

      Really interesting point Cat!

  4. anon

    Cat: Like the picture shows, it really just needed to be loaded with lots of ice for it to work, fish bowl-sized or not. Also, sequence matters a lot. You need to put the ice in first to prevent the candy from mixing with the drink immediately.

  5. chrissy

    Uh…isn’t this a fail blog?

  6. ICE

    I am going to try the Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper chips. This is what I use on my tuna casseroles and it is yummy!

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