18 Aug

Fail: Pickle Roll Ups

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Name: Amanda Gardner

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/96264510756759038/, via http://www.justapinch.com/recipe/pickle-roll-ups-by-deborah-mackrodt-debicooks


What I Did: I came across this pin right after I bought a jar of giant pickles, so I figured that I just HAD to make these. I followed the recipe exactly. I even dried off the ham AND the pickles before I began. I slathered the ham with cream cheese and wrapped it around the pickle. Looked good. As I began slicing the delicious wrap I realized my plan was falling apart. Literally. The ham stuck to the cream cheese, but the cream cheese didn’t stick to the pickle. And everything slid off and left a perfect little mess of food. It tasted great! But was much messier that he neat little rounds pictured in the pin. Go figure.

My Result:

pinterest fail pickle roll ups pickle cream cheese ham

pinterest fail pickle roll ups pickle cream cheese ham


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  1. Amy says:

    My step-dad makes millions of these at Christmas. He cuts the pickle into quarters/spears so that the pickle to ham ratio isn’t quite as large. Also, you need a really good, sharp knife to cut them. You can put toothpicks into each section before you cut to hold everything in place. (So put 10 toothpicks down the length of the roll, then cut between them). A sushi form would help, too, but Pops has never used one of those.

    Try mixing a packet of French Onion Dip into the cream cheese. YUM!

    1. Jennifer says:

      The one saving grace of food fails is they might not be pretty, but the taste is usually just fine. I might not serve these to guests, but I would have no problem stuffing my face with them while I watch Pride and Prejudice for the 50th time.

      1. Denise says:

        Just what Amy said . . . I make tons of these a couple times a year – cut the pickle into slices or use baby ones instead and put the toothpicks in the roll before you cut – makes life much, much easier. :)

        1. Misty says:

          or use a very sharp knife (coupled with the suggestions above)

          1. Maddie says:

            I make these all the time and never find any trouble with making them. the trick always is wrap them tight and use mini pickles instead of the large ones also use a very sharp knife.

            1. ~Sarah says:

              I think your ham is also too think. We generally use the Buddig brand thinly sliced deli meats for our pickles and they turn out great

              1. Patrick says:

                I just blend chopped up pickles with the cream cheese (and will definitely try adding onion soup mix next time!), spread the mixture on ham slices and roll them up like jelly rolls. I chill them in the refrigerator to firm them up before slicing with a very sharp knife. It’s so much easier than spreading cream cheese on an uncooperative pickle and fussing with toothpicks and all that.

                1. Sarah says:

                  We make these all the time. Drain your pickles, and let them sit in a bowl while you are spreading the cream cheese. The cream cheese will stick to them better.
                  After they are rolled, put them in the fridge for an hour, so the cream cheese firms up a bit. Then cut with a sharp knife.

                  1. Donna says:

                    What a great idea. Jennifer, I hope it’s the mini series with Colin Firth. That’s the best!!!! :)

                    1. Mary says:

                      I make these all time and they turn out like they should, the secrets are to use the smaller pickles and refrigerate them for 12+ hours to firm everything up before slicing.

                      1. Justine says:

                        Drain the pickles and dry them thoroughly with paper towels. The cream cheese will stick.

                        1. meagan says:

                          One of our Youth Moms used to make these for our Youth Luncheons but she would wrap the ham and pickles (mini pickles) with a tortilla, they were awesome!! She also mixed a little garlic salt in with the cream cheese

                          1. Crystal @ Serving Joyfully says:

                            Wow…we’ve been making these for years! I had no idea they were a new thing on pinterest these days!

                            1. samatha says:

                              put the rolled up pickles in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. will cut beautifull afterwards

                              1. Christine says:

                                Have made these for years!! Funny they are a new thing on Pinterest. Helps to blot the ham on paper towel to remove excess moisture. Same for the pickles. Use baby pickles and like the other comments refrigerate at least overnight 8 hours before slicing. Also yummy with green onions or salami with sweet gherkins.

                                1. Alycia says:

                                  I often use dried or corned beef and had never seen ham used until I moved to southern Iowa. Also, you can use dill relish and combine with chopped meat and cream cheese to make an awesome dip.

                                  1. Amber says:

                                    Wow…these with pickles are disgusting. Sorry. I always make mine with green onions.

                                    To get the cream cheese to stick to the ham, I always dry the ham off a bit with a clean towel. And the cream cheese should be near room temperature.

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