1. NYCupcake

    I’m not sure how this was expected to be a success when the directions weren’t followed at all. Pinterestfails like this piss me off, if you don’t do ANYTHING the same way, how do you expect to have the same results? smh…

    • abcadkins

      Amen! “I didn’t follow any directions, so it counts toward calling this recipe/DIY a fake”. ugh. honks me off.

  2. Ugh

    Agreed. From the photo alone, its clear that these directions were not followed at all.

  3. Tinkerbell

    While I believe this might be a tough project to get great results with,,,It definitely looks like the directions were not followed…

  4. Jay

    These cookies aren’t hard to make at all, I make them yearly. It really does help to follow the instructions.

  5. kath barker

    Its ok to experiment if you don’t have the right ingredients sometimes it works ,sometimes it doesnt

    Makes things just a bit more exiting

    Good try

    (To be honest some of my baking ends up like this when I do follow the recipe!

  6. Jenn

    These cookies are really REALLY easy! I’m the Queen of Baking Fails and even I can make these! I just use boiled sweets instead of lifesavers.

  7. Elaine

    i think the concept of having a Pinterest Fail site is really important but i don’t understand how people who don’t even try to follow the directions get to post. not sure why Jenna of That Wife isn’t screening AT ALL.

    my mother-in-law made these cookies for my party YEARS AGO now when my now 14y son was baptized as a baby. i found the recipe in a Woman’s Day or Family Circle cookie issue. MIL used a small christian cross cookie cutter instead of heart shaped one. they came out as beautiful as pinterest pics included in this post.

    i would have more respect for poster if they had decided that maybe following the directions might be important after all and tried that first before posting. adding epic fail alternative would have then been instructional experiment.

    there is nothing wrong with experimenting with alternatives, but you don’t get to call the original a fail if you didn’t even TRY it!

  8. kath barker

    I thought that the Pinterest Fail site was just a bit of fun,you know a laugh,something to giggle about.

    Obviously. reading most of the previous comments i’m wrong and its not

    i don’t care,I’ll continue to read about the many pinterest fails and have a jolly good laugh,both at the fails and the comments from the people who just don’t get the joke

  9. Elaine

    ooohhhh! thanks! i get it now… this site isn’t what is SAYS it is – a place to find out which of those pins we should be avoiding or a space to brainstorm ways to improve failed crafts – it’s a snarky place where we post not PINTEREST fails but OUR failure to even try to follow directions and what a HOOT it is when things don’t work out! the joke IS on all of us who honestly wanted to know – how truly humor impaired! well, you go girl, and have quite the laugh at our expense because you’re the one who “gets” it.

  10. Elaine

    seriously, though, while this particular post really did have merit in terms of experimenting alternative ways to perhaps make it easier and a cautionary tale to stick to directions on this one – due to the raison d’etre spelled out in ABOUT section – too many posts where people didn’t even try to follow the directions gets a negative reaction. i’m all for creativity and experimentation and sharing what didn’t work but i think if it was me and i was posting a “fail”, i would simply clarify if it was truly a pinterest fail or my fail.

  11. Randy

    Who cares if they didn’t follow directions. I came to see the disasters and this person didn’t fail me! Hilarious!! Now go bake something else and F it up and take a pic for us! 😉

  12. anon

    Kath barker – very few are funny, and those are the ones that really tried. These that don’t follow instructions are simply infuriating.

  13. Elaine

    rofl, randy!

  14. Monkey

    Wow. I have been going to this website to laugh at people’s failures. I have never seen Pinterest and could
    not care less about “pins”. I also like laughing at people’s comments. Sometimes because they are funny and mostly because some people are sooooo serious or sarcastic or just plain mean. I will stand proud
    and say that I too think these f’d up cookies are damn funny and I don’t care if she followed the directions or not!

  15. momof2

    I love this fail! I would totally do the same thing you did! Ignore all the people above you get the point of this site

  16. Katie Robinson

    I also love this fail – I also appreciate the time taken to upload the photos

  17. DRay

    Hahaha!! Lighten up. I got a great laugh off of this one…looks like somethink I would do….followimg directions!!!

  18. Brittany

    Yeah………………..If you don’t follow the directions, it ain’t gonna work! Its like hearing that eating healthy and exercising makes you lose weight and then watching 6 seasons of Kitchen Nightmares while eating potato chips, ice cream and pizza. then being baffled when you don’t lose weight!

  19. Ann

    I can’t believe all the h8ers out there commenting on a F U N site! Get a sense of humor already!

    I LOOVE all the PInterest Fail sites because they make me laugh until I CRY! Its the antidote to all the Martha Wanna be sites which tout ideas that are simply unattainable for us mere mortals out there with 3 screaming kids, a cat, and a husband that walks around in boxers all weekend.

    I love Pinterest as well, but honestly so many of the Pins are either a. stupid/waste of time (ie. fabric covered balloons- Really???) or b. a scam or c. you’re never gonna even do it- at least these guys TRIED it!


  20. Suzanne

    This site isn’t about testing pins to see if they work – it’s about sharing our failures when we try it ourselves, following directions to a “t” or not. I find it hilarious to see what people try to do – obviously, some are meant to DIY and some are not…

  21. Elaine

    actually, yes it is, absolutely about testing pins to see if they work as clearly stated under that big word ABOUT, (top right):

    “I want to do everything. This means I try lots of things, succeed sometimes… and fail a lot as well. I can spend hours browsing Pinterest, and sometimes that site convinces me that anyone can embark on any DIY project with fabulous results. This hasn’t been my experience, and I’m guessing it’s happened to some of you as well. So I created this site for all of us to have a good laugh at our mistakes.

    There are a few goals I hope to achieve with this site:

    1.Giggle together about our fails.

    2.Find out which of those pins we should be avoiding. A pretty picture doesn’t always mean it’s a perfect recipe or DIY craft tutorial, right?

    3.Give us a space to brainstorm ways to improve failed crafts. Maybe your first attempt at peach cupcakes didn’t turn out, but a commenter might have a tried-and-true recipe for you. And what about that melted crayon craft? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out like you think it will!

    4.Sometimes we’ll take a look at Epic Wins too.

    Pinterest is a fantastic resource and I know many of us have found out about things (like sticking rolled up magazines in your boots to keep them from slouching over!) that made life just a little bit better in one way or another.”

    so what we have here is the untenable position of those who only want to achieve objective 1 and forget the rest and those who don’t want to accomplish objective 1 at the expense of objectives 2 and 3.

    you know who is in the right because the “Untenables” are condescending, dismissive, contemptuous and those who want to achieve both goals just keep calmly and maturely restating their correct position per the goals articulated by the owner herself: 2 – is this a pin to avoid? probably not. 3 – suggestion for improvement? ummm… how about following the directions.

    if the “Untenables” just CANNOT enjoy this site without saying so to those who keep reminding us of the 2nd goal by practicing the 3rd goal, perhaps they should grab a glass of w(h)ine and keep it private label.

  22. Elaine

    go back to sleep, sug.

  23. Elaine

    Listen guys, I am really, REALLY invested in this comedy blog about people screwing up craft projects! If entries do not meet my *specific needs*, heads are going to roll!

    Now get back to the craft mines! Queen Elaine’s glitter stores are getting low!!!

  24. CS

    Fun site, until reading all the hateful comments. Most people posting their own failures are acknowledging that they didn’t follow instructions completely. That’s where the “good intentions” come from. Nobody is saying none of these things can work ever…they’re saying they should have followed instructions. Why not just have a laugh and stop being so serious/angry/crabby/hateful?

  25. Elaine

    just for the record, someone seems to have hijacked my name and posted under it. however, i stopped visiting this site some time ago because of exactly what CS is saying. unfortunately, i clicked on receiving follow up posts because it’s always previously at other sites been edifying but the level of social retardation here has been breathtaking. so i’m not just leaving site now, i am blocking it because there are those who just can’t tolerate the people who actually engage in what the site was set up to do. apparently, the concept of Pinterest Fail was too enticing to snarky pseudo-intellectualls who are only here for the fail.

  26. Brooke

    Am I the only one happy “Elaine” is gone for good? I’ve only just found this website tonight and I’m already read to see her depart from Earth in search of Planet Pinterest Win-Because-The-Directions-Were-Followed-Or-Else. Good riddance.

    The self-righteous are a lonely bunch.

  27. Meghan

    Me and my mom make these cookies every year for christmas we just use store bought sugar cookie dough and jolly ranchers we seperate the jolly ranchers to their own bags of every color and place a towel over the bag and crush them with a hammer to a fine powder then just dump them into their individual bowls use parchment paper on ur cookie sheet and use cookie cutters to cut shapes then smaller ones to cut inside shapes then use jolly rancher powder and fill in empty centers once they are baked let them cool do not take them off the parchment paper til they are completely cooled or they will break.

  28. savannahjones98

    Well I read the about section too, and my interpretation is that some DIY projects tout that anyone can do it, when in fact, very few can get it right or beautiful even if you follow directions. What the site author deems a “pin fail” might be that the pin’s instructions or recipe was a fail, but it could also be that it’s just not doable for a novice. BTW, I have never been on Pinterest, I just love to laugh at these fails! They remind me of times when I tried to “wing it” on a recipe and created a disaster, and times when I followed a recipe to a T and still met with disaster! Jeez people can be so snarky and mean online, lighten up! Sometimes it’s the absurdity of people’s complete disregard of the directions that makes their fail so hilarious!

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