Fail: Listerine Foot Soak

Name: Jennifer

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: Getting ready for vacation I decided to try this mix to work on my heels. I doubled the measurements as it wasnt enough in the container i was using to soak my feet. I let it sit for near 20 minutes as after 10 minutes it didnt seem to have worked. I took my feet out at 20 minutes and not only did the dead skin NOT “wipe off” my feet were blue. Pinterest FAIL!!

My Result:

pinterest fail listerine foot scrub

pinterest fail listerine foot scrub



  1. Alqi

    Did you use Cool Mint?

    • Scorpon

      I’ve done the foot soak but I never used a blue mint listerine… I use the traditional Listerine and it definitely works especially if you do it right before getting a pedicure and I sometimes mixed it before going to get a pedicure and pour it in while my feet are soaking my feet are actually dead skin free since I’ve done it so much

  2. Molly

    The exact same thing happened to me. I knew from the beginning that I’d have to use more liquid than it called for (a cup of liquid for a foot soak? Really? I don’t think so) but I ended up using basically whole bottles of both ingredients. Aaaaaand then my feet were blue. Fail fail fail.

  3. Niamh

    I tried this one too — didn’t work either πŸ˜‰

  4. Nicolle

    Successfully turned you into a Water Ghost/ zombie.

  5. brlesq1

    I thought Listerine was used to get rid of toe fungus, not dead skin. And if you’re going to soak in it, why would you use one with blue dye? You didn’t think it would dye your feet? You should have used the brownish-gold, regular, medicinal kind.

  6. lyoness

    brlesq1, she used the recipe in the original pin, that’s why.

  7. NAMTRO91

    ahh thanks..i was going to do this. lol.

  8. Cheryl

    Same w me but my feet sure felt fresh!

  9. Julia

    This really made me laugh!! Thanks for sharing, and I hope your feet have regained their colour πŸ™‚

  10. Karen

    I hate to admit I tried this as well and also ended up with blue feet! I should have thought about the ingredients before i tried it… the warm water and vinegar transferred the dye in the Listerine to my feet just like an Easter egg! Lol!!

    • Marilynn

      This failure offset by a major success. I gotta love Pinterest for suggesting
      a 1925 copper penny as a gift for my Mum who is having a 90th birthday
      on May 2nd, 2015.

  11. donna

    Tried it and it didn’t work.

  12. Mizuko

    Thank you for trying this. I’ve seen this pin, and it scares me a bit. Wiping off any portion of your skin isn’t a thing that should happen, and soaking your feet in mouthwash sounds like a recipe for severe skin irritation.

  13. Carrie K

    My husband tried this with the original recipe. He has dry feet and toenail fungus. Yes, his feet did turn blue for 2 days, but his toes look so much better. Fungus is nearly gone, and his feet are much smoother. He’s ready to try it again in hopes it will eliminate the fungus.

    • Jessica

      For how long did he do it??

  14. Sam

    Wow, so sorry so many of you fell for this.
    The original instructions/recipe was changed to include the BLUE Listerine (very specific – hmm, suspicious). It appears to have been a prank. The orignal soak that included this same photo did not include blue Listerine. Beware before attempting “great” ideas on Pinterest. Poking your eyes with toothpicks doesn’t cure glaucoma.

  15. Sam

    Here is the original recipe:
    “Mix 1 full tablespoon of salt , 1/4 c vinegar and 1/2 c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out, the dead skin will practically wipe off.” Hope this helps!

  16. holly

    I used a full tablespoon of salt, 1/2 c vinegar and 1/2 c hot water. I then added that to a warm foot bath ankle deep. 10 minute soak and I started rubbing off dead skin. Worked like a charm my feet are sooo smooth!

  17. Suzanne

    Lmao!! Thank you for being brave enough to share your fails! Love the comments too – this site is awesome.

  18. Sheila

    I tried this and it DID work…best thing I’ve ever used for my feet. I’ve tried both the blue and the golden and would suggest the golden over the blue … it does make your feet blue but it easily washed off.

  19. Nicole

    Something to keep in mind for any soak that is to remove or loosen dead skin is that you only want the soles of your feet submerged. Most products made for this use are too strong for the rest of your skin (since it is not as thick). Plus, it would keep the tops of your feet from turning colors πŸ˜‰

  20. Leonie

    i do this once a week. it does work . i put about a cup of Listerine and 1/2 of cup of vinegar. the skin doesn’t fall of but if u use a stone or foot scrub thing it’s just like going to the nail fact i dont even go there anymore i just do it myself,

  21. Heather

    Oh my gosh, I am sorry…can’t stop laughing! Thank you and sorry for your blue feet!

  22. Kay Taylor

    I used the extra whitening listerine that is clear and water 2x a month and the vinegar added 2x a month! OMG it has helped my feet so much! The blue would be bad I am sure!

  23. Allison

    Works for me every time. I tripled the “recipe” and use hot water. Do not use the blue or purple or green Listerine or other mw brand, use the amber and you won’t end up with dyed feet. Also, you still need to use a pumice stone or some other type of abrasive.

  24. nikki

    It works but don’t completely submerge your feet. I used a flat bottom basin and put just enough of the mixture so that the soles of my feet were wet. Then afterwards gently pumice the dead skin away. Only the dead skin turns blue from the Listerine

  25. skeezicks


  26. Debbie davis

    It worked for me, I used purple Listerine. Next time I used a cheap green mouth wash. Still worked.

  27. epicbeyouty

    I think it’s because you didn’t follow the instructions. Your feet shouldn’t be fully submerged, only the bottoms for the dead skin. It’s worked great for me, although i use the Amber color mouthwash. I’m doing it now in fact. No dying.

  28. Sandra

    I don’t know about foot soak with Listerine. But I do know if you add little to your couch it is great

  29. Sandra

    Add to douch. Sorry for type o

  30. D Silvers

    Disgusting pedicure. Polish and remover are too cheap not to use!

  31. Bubs

    Well a DUH, hahahahahahah…. But on a serious note folks. Have any of you ever dyed Easter eggs before?
    Vinegar plus “coloring” = Easter egg. This is a prank, sure vinegar will remove skin because it’s acidic. It also softens it up so the dye will set in. I saw right through this the first time it was post. I can’t help but laugh at the naivity of attempting to do this. Too many people quick to try things without understanding the chemical repercussions in doing so. Add enough alcohol and you may get tipsy through you’re feet, lol

  32. Keeks


  33. Gini

    I doubled the formula, heated it in the micro & emersed my feet for 20 minutes with satisfactory results.

  34. Donna

    Have wanted to try this just to see if it would help scratchy soles……so I am using the blue Listerine, vinegar, salt and a little hot water…feels refreshing and my feet are not blue….did not double ingredients…not a total fail!

  35. Lindsey

    I have used this foot soak many, many, many times and I have never had blue feet. I use a blue mouthwash (Equate brand) but the dye has never transferred to my feet. I know different people use different types of vinegar and I wonder if that has something to do with it with the color transfer? I used apple cider vinegar and it seems like a lot of people are using white. I did a post on how I did it and what my results looked like :

  36. anonymous012

    The vinager is probably the reason why your feet is stained because like vinager can be used in clothes washing to help the color stay on there. Also, use the gold color original listerine. You would also need to do this daily try for 30 days, so one time isn’t just going to work, and you’re going to have to scrub and care for your toe nails too, and make sure they are thoroughly dry or blow dried as the heat kills the fungus.

  37. Heather

    I don’t know what went wrong for you, but it did wonders for my rough, cracked heels. I also used blue. I followed up with a pedi-egg and brushed my toenails with a whitening toothpaste, then rinsed. I ended up with baby soft, minty fresh tootsies with gleaming white toenails.

  38. Alyssa

    HA! Same thing happened to me! What did work though was scrubbing my feet with coarse sea salt and olive oil every night before going to bed. Seriously, permanently baby-butt smooth after about a week. πŸ™‚

  39. Betty

    My husband and I have been doing this since we saws it on Facebook and it has worked,but I use the original Listerine.

  40. SoWeGA

    Please remove the comment about using this as a douche. Women should NEVER douche for any reason. If you are feeling unclean, have odor or discharge, see a DOCTOR. If your doctor tells you to douche, find a new one.

    Douching causes:
    *Vaginal infections

    *Pregnancy complications / infertility

    *Cervical cancer.

    I know a few women who liked to douche. They all had odor problems and one lost a baby as a result of the damage to her uterus.

    Sorry for the rant but I hate when women pass on such horrible information.

  41. Marti Marts

    I tried it, then added maybe 3-4 cups of warm water, and upped the vinegar and blue listerine up to the next measurement. Results. It worked. No smurf feet for me and the dead skin was easy to get off; though it didnt all come off with a wipe of a towel. LoL.

  42. Charlena

    I used this treatment and yes my feet turned blue but after wiping off and just washing my feet it was fine. They feel great! And they were really bad

  43. Tracey

    Does anyone not see that these are NOT the same feet or legs??? In the bucket….tan legs. Out of the bucket….pale legs! No toe ring in the bucket, nicely shaped toenails in the bucket! Toe ring out of the bucket and short funky toenails out of the bucket! This DOES work if you follow the correct recipe. It worked fantastic on mine! It’s a half cup of each and use the original listerine. You can also make it more spa like by adding one Polident tablet.

  44. LT

    @ Tracey It’s a side by side of the Pintrest Picture and of the fail picture. It’s not supposed to be the same legs, toes etc because it’s the comparison. Kind of like every other post on this blog

  45. anna

    I started laughing so hard at this !!! XD

  46. Tracey Webb

    Directions clearly say ORIGINAL Listerine.. And yes it does work.

  47. Susan Furlano

    Worked for me, but I did One Cup Listerine, 1 Cup Vinegar, & 2 Cups Hot Water to cover Feet Properly. I was Amazed how the skin just scrapped off, yes feet were a tinge Blue, but that was easy to remove.. I personal will do this again

  48. Debbie Cunningham

    did not work for me either, my feet actually felt that they were burning after.

  49. Ashley

    I have done this and my feet felt a lot smoother and the dead skin wiped off after 15 mins of soaking.

  50. Donna

    lol your suppose to use the original LISTERINE Antiseptic Mouthwash

  51. Mandi

    I tried this using Crest Pro-Health mouth wash….left them in for about 30 min….it did soften the calluses on my feet, and it felt AMAZING! annddddddd I didn’t end up with smurf feet lol

  52. A Smarter than u Guy

    Ummm put a splash of bleach no more blue feet

    • Mia


  53. Denisse

    This does work, maybe not for everyone, but it obviously works for a lot of people… myself included. I recommend using the amber colored Listerine or the amber colored generic mouthwash (yes, generic will work as well.) I used the blue and it did leave my feet slightly blue when I removed them from the soak, but that was easily remedied in the shower.

  54. Rita Paris

    I used this and soaked my feet, too. Like most everyone, I doubled the measurements to get my feet covered in it. My feet turned blue, too. But, when I used a rough towel on them, the blue disappeared along with the dead skin. I only soaked for 10 minutes. I LOVE IT AND HAVE USED IT AGAIN!

  55. Halla

    I’m confused. Am I supposed to believe that mouthwash, vinegar and water acts as a nail polish remover as well?

  56. Annie

    I tried the Listerine/white vinegar soak because one of my toenails is yellowish and I have been told that is fungus. I had been told to use half a cup of each with no water. I could only keep my feet in the bucket for 8 minutes because the solution was so strong. I could feel my whole body reacting to it and just having my feet in it 10 minutes changed the appearance of my tongue afterwards for a while, not for the better. My tongue was not happy but my feet felt wonderful. No dead skin came off though. I saved the solution in the fridge and used it again later at room temperature. I did not have as strong a reaction but soaked my feet for only 5 minutes the 2nd time. My feet felt great but no dead skin came off. Then I discarded the soak and have not done it again. A few days after the second soak I got a bright firy red rash on both lower legs. I don’t know if it was from the soak but I never had a rash on my legs before. The ER did not seem to think it was serious. If anyone has had this kind of reaction to the vinegar/ Listerine food soak, please post and tell me the details. I wonder if it poisoned me.

    What does work for getting dry skin off your feet is every morning and every night to slather pure laxative grade castor oil on them and leave it on under socks. Castor is a very hydrating oil. I did this for several weeks and then one morning while I was going it a large chunk of dead callous just came off in my hand. I do it every day now and my feet are slowly and steadily becoming soft and smooth with no scraping or pain involved. I have been doing this for months. It works like a charm.

  57. MsLadyLove

    I tried this and it absolutely worked!! I live in the southwest and had horrible desert heels, which is severely dry-cracked-bleeding feet, and nothing worked! I also doubled the amount used and found that it was just enough to cover the trouble areas. I left them there until the water was luke warm, about twenty minutes, and then began to scrub with the callus remover. When I felt the foot drying I would alternate between feet placing the other back in the mixture. I did this for about 45minutes and did not experience any discoloration that did not wipe away with the pumice purple bar and callus remover. I would recommend this remedy!!

  58. Taylor

    Just tried this. My feet tingled a bit, but then they stunk because I used antiseptic and apple cider vinagar. Not only that, but my blanket fell into the mixture by accident and now stinks. Kinda ticked about that.

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