06 Aug

Fail: Adorable Dogpile

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Name: Alicia

My Blog: http://aliciabenton.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alicia71181

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/233835405623394535/, via http://shannamichellephotography.blogspot.com/

pinterest fail4

What I Did: I saw this pin under the heading of “Cute Photo Ideas,” and I thought that it would be just perfect since we have four kids, as well. I enlisted the help of the kids to help me recreate this adorable pin, and you can see our disastrous result. As you can see, this is where my good intention came to die a miserable, slow, painful death. Not quite as cute as the pin, is it? Nope. In fact, it’s a little bit creepy.

And during the entire production, all I heard was this:

“Don’t let your balls get on me.”

“I can’t breathe. You’re squishing me.”

“Get OFF of me.”

“I am NOT putting my thumb in my mouth.”

“Stop breathing on my neck.”

“Why does it feel like you’re trying to hump my leg?”

“Eww, your hair is wet. Get it off me.”

Pinterest re-creation = FAIL!

My Result:

pinterest fail sibling dogpile children

Next Time I Will:  I’ll just pick a different cute photo idea!

pinterest fail sibling dogpile children


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  1. Tinkerbell says:

    I would imagine this type of pose is easier with younger children…but your photo is not bad and emulates the concept…does not look like a fail…


    1. Nancy says:

      Nothing is wrong with your photo. It’s a great snapshot of your kids!

      Of course your photo doesn’t look as wonderful as the one from Pinterest. You didn’t force your kids to get dressed up in color-coordinated outfits. You didn’t drag them to a professional photographer or set up a home shoot using studio lighting and a high-end camera. You didn’t subsequently Photoshop the picture to correct the white balance and colors.

      Nope, all you did was take a normal, cute family photo. Hardly a fail.

      1. Tracy says:

        I couldnt stop laughing… Your pose is priceless..Good try mom!!!

        1. CR says:

          The lighting is bad, the kids aren’t dressed nicely, it doesn’t look like you used a tripod, and the kids are waaay too old for this to look normal and cute.

          1. Catherine says:

            Thank you. This was hilarious. I love how the last two kids are acting like the ones in the original photo!

            1. Elaine says:

              I love it! I do things like this to my kids all the time. “Don’t let your balls get on me!”~Hysterically funny!

              1. Shea says:

                you should definitely submit this to awkward family photos it’s priceless!

                1. Heather says:

                  Oh my gosh this is funny!

                  1. Donna says:

                    Definitely not a fail. The comments and memories of the ‘event’ will last a lifetime!!!

                    1. Mari says:

                      I totally agree – I am still laughing about what you wrote! How REAL!

                      1. Amanda says:

                        I still love it! There’s always something beautiful (and a bit funny) in imperfection… and I’m sure you will all look at this picture years from now and laugh about it and that in itself is pretty wonderful!

                        1. Latysha says:

                          The kids responses hahahahaha….I think I just giggled for the last 5 minutes.LOL #KIDS

                          1. L says:

                            Your picture is so much better than the original.

                            1. julie says:

                              actually – yours is pretty cute.

                              1. inés says:

                                yours is absolutely much better than the original.

                                1. Anita says:

                                  I’m a photographer and your kids comments sound pretty familiar (minus the balls) ! Lol! It’s 50/50 with this pose. With older kids I like to have the older two on the bottom facing each other and the younger two on top of them. It’s similar and it works.

                                  1. anywhere journey says:

                                    starting with the comments I laugh so hard but then when I saw the picture of your kids I laugh hysterically. for me this is not a fail, definitely a win and a keeper!!!

                                    1. melissa ferns says:

                                      I have four boys and even though they are younger i hear about balls all the time. The humping leg and balls part i can definitely relate to in my house thanks to my dads dog my kids know what humping is even though my oldest is 7, stupid yorkie lol, not sure where they learned balls from though

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