04 Aug

Fail: Classic Southern Triple-Decker Strawberry Cake

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Name: Kaci

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/121667627406188177/, via http://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/42523380/classic-southern-triple-decker-strawberry-cake-recipe/

pinterest fail13

What I Did: My dad’s favorite cake is strawberry. So, for Father’s Day, my mom and I decided to look on pinterest for a cake recipe. We followed the instructions EXACTLY. I think it all started going wrong when we waited too long to take the cake out of the pans. Then the icing… not sure what went wrong on that one but it was more of a soup than a creamy spread.

My Result:

pinterest fail Classic Southern Triple-Decker Strawberry Cake

Next Time I Will:  Next time I would:

take the cake out of the pans before cooling.
and buy pre-made icing.

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  1. Christin says:

    Looks like you melted the butter instead of “softening” it. To be honest, unless the recipe specifically says to melt the butter, the best way to soften butter from the fridge is just to let it sit out until it comes to room temperature, especially for something like frosting. The powdered sugar will stiffen it up (especially if you sifted the sugar as directed), and if you put the frosted cake in the fridge, the frosting will set a little, though it is fine to be served immediately as well.

    1. Ansley says:

      My icing did the same thing…and I followed the recipe exactly….tasted amazing but looked like a hot mess.

      1. Kitty says:

        Strawberry buttercream is just a huge pain in the a**. You need something like freeze dried strawberries to make it work well. Fresh strawberries are just too full of liquid, even if you blend in some flour (which gives it a grainy texture. Ew.) I MUCH rather use a swiss meringue buttercream. It reacts much better with fresh fruits.

        1. Penny Greene says:

          I’ve made this cake twice and it and the frosting turned out great. Just needs to bake about 4 min less than recipe calls for.

          1. lolwat says:

            yep. clearly you used melted butter and not softened butter. Ansley as well. You did NOT ‘follow the recipe exactly’. i don’t get how people can insist that they followed things exaclty and try to blame the recipe. you realize that somehow, they were able to generate the product for the picture, right?

            kitty – that may be true for buttercream using something like slices of strawberry, where more and more liquid might be released over time, but not if they are finely chopped. then you can drain or dry out the fruit bits before adding them.

            1. A Guide to Picking Recipes for the Absolute Beginner — Granny's Vital Vittles says:

              [...] For more disasters like this visit Pinterest Fails [...]

              1. Emily says:

                Had trouble getting to original site so may be they did cite… That cake is on the cover of a “Best of” cakes cookbook. “Southern Living” I want to think. Will have to get mine out of storage to see if the recipe is exactly the same.

                1. TheWife says:

                  Melted butter will make it runny like that, but I will also bet that the strawberries have too much liquid in them. Every year my husband makes me make him his family’s traditional cake which has a strawberry frosting. Now, I have to compete with his mom and sister and aunt who have been making this for decades and do it perfectly and… ugh. Anyway, when I follow the recipe, it makes it too runny (and doesn’t even use butter, so it’s not that). So I’ve had to (without announcing this. I don’t want inter-family problems) and use a lot fewer strawberries.

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