Fail: Jellyfish in a Bottle

Name: JenBurke

Original Inspiration:, via

pinterest fail10

What I Did: I thought this Jellyfish in a bottle craft would be a great way to surprise my three year old! I also figured my older kids would be quite impressed and want to make their own as well. I thought that this would be an easy craft as the only thing you really need to do is cut up a plastic bag and stuff it in a bottle of colored water. Easy, right? I didn’t have any blue food coloring so I thought I would improvise by using green….my jellyfish didn’t “swim” as promised in the the blog either. My jellyfish ended up looking like exactly what it is….a piece of garbage floating in a bottle.

My Result:

pinterest fail jellyfish in a bottle

Next Time I Will:  Next time I’ll stick to what I’m good at….NOT doing crafts.

pinterest fail jellyfish in a bottle



  1. Karen Churn


  2. Astrid

    I’m sorry but it looks like you just shoved the plastic bag in the bottle. Did you bother to cut it up and follow all the steps? Doesn’t look like it to me!

  3. NYCupcake kind of looks like you didn’t follow the directions at all. I think if the head part were done correctly, you may have had better results. I’m sorry, but that may be 99.9% of the reason this was a flop. Better luck next time…

  4. CR

    The instructions clearly say to fill the jelly fish’s head partially with water so it’ll float a little but not rise to the top.

  5. Alisa

    I made this and the kids loved it. We even left one at kindergarden because the kids liked it so much.

  6. Susanna

    Apparently the kind of plastic bag used is also a factor. Some plastic generates air bubbles the make the tentacles float to the top. Just try again. Don’t give up.

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