Fail: Sand Footprint Craft

Name: Dana

Original Inspiration:, via

pinterest fail23

What I Did: I wanted to make this for my husband for his first Father’s Day. My baby is 3 months old. I couldn’t get the consistency of the sand right. Plus, she kept wiggling her toes. You can kind of see the footprint. But her foot was getting raw because I had to do it so many times because she kept curling her toes. I decided to see how it works and knew that this one would be a loss, but didn’t anticipate THIS. Once I started pouring in the plaster of Paris it made a big well which is what you see. There’s a footprint in the top left corner. Wow. Just wow.

My Result:

pinterest fail sandprint craft baby foot

Next Time I Will:  No clue how to make this better, but I’m going to try a couple more times. This particular one will be shattered and redone. It is not salvageable. At. All.

pinterest fail sandprint craft baby foot



  1. karen

    Well…your frame is nice!

  2. Sarah

    I’ve done this before at the beach. Maybe wet the sand a little so it holds it’s shape better?

  3. Dea

    I have been painting canvas’ and putting my daughters prints on them. I found that if I wait until she is asleep I can get the print I want without her scrunching her toes or making a fist.

  4. Saira

    My sister made this recently and it turned out awesome! Its on my blog if you wanna see x

  5. Jazzy

    I have never done this with a foot or hand print before. However I have done this with dinosaur bone toys. I used it with my 2nd grade class to make “fossils” and it works very nice. There is always some that don’t come out right but most of them do.

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