31 Jul

Fail: Sand Footprint Craft

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Name: Dana

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/102456960245406633/, via http://pagingfunmums.com/2013/04/30/sand-footprint-craft-full-diy-instructions-louise/

pinterest fail23

What I Did: I wanted to make this for my husband for his first Father’s Day. My baby is 3 months old. I couldn’t get the consistency of the sand right. Plus, she kept wiggling her toes. You can kind of see the footprint. But her foot was getting raw because I had to do it so many times because she kept curling her toes. I decided to see how it works and knew that this one would be a loss, but didn’t anticipate THIS. Once I started pouring in the plaster of Paris it made a big well which is what you see. There’s a footprint in the top left corner. Wow. Just wow.

My Result:

pinterest fail sandprint craft baby foot

Next Time I Will:  No clue how to make this better, but I’m going to try a couple more times. This particular one will be shattered and redone. It is not salvageable. At. All.

pinterest fail sandprint craft baby foot


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  1. karen says:

    Well…your frame is nice!

    1. Sarah says:

      I’ve done this before at the beach. Maybe wet the sand a little so it holds it’s shape better?

      1. Dea says:

        I have been painting canvas’ and putting my daughters prints on them. I found that if I wait until she is asleep I can get the print I want without her scrunching her toes or making a fist.

        1. Saira says:

          My sister made this recently and it turned out awesome! Its on my blog if you wanna see x

          1. Jazzy says:

            I have never done this with a foot or hand print before. However I have done this with dinosaur bone toys. I used it with my 2nd grade class to make “fossils” and it works very nice. There is always some that don’t come out right but most of them do.

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