Fail: Vodka Skittles

Name: kitty freek

Original Inspiration:

pinterest fail7

What I Did: My niece decided to make skittles vodka to liven up a party. She posted the result on facebook. The comments show how impressed we all were. My favourite is my brother’s accurate observations (name erased in blue.) I’m pretty sure he was speaking from experience.

My Result:

pinterest fail vodka skittles

Next Time I Will:  She did repeat this project and did exactly the same thing again. Looks matter less to her than what’s inside 🙂

pinterest fail vodka skittles



  1. Ashley

    The way I make skittle shots is a lot different from that. Because the fact that I don’t separate the colors and I’m a bartender and that just takes to long and im always in a rush to make more. They sell out like hot cakes! So I use:
    • 1 big bag of skittle riddlers or dark side skittles (I don’t use the origial skittles. It takes to long to dissolve because those have a harder candy shell and there’s always little pieces of candy that won’t even dissolve and I don’t like that lol)
    •1 bottle of vodka of choice ( I use cheap rail McCormick vodka because I do work at a bar so people want cheap shots. $2 shots = cheap liqueur (: and it still taste good)
    •1 bottle of bar syrup (I use finest call you can get that at your local liquor store)

    Use the biggest bowl you have. Dump the whole bag of skittles in the bowl. Pour the whole bottle vodka in. Now use a stirring spoon. Keep stirring it every 15minutes let it sit for a few minutes come back and stir it some more and repeat till its fully dissolved or if you’re not busy with other things you can alway keep stirring till dissolved . This process takes a few hours. But it defiantly will be ready for the same day/night party. Just make this a few hours before the “party”. When the candy is fully dissolved now you can add the full bottle of bar syrup in the bowl. Stir it some more.

    If you want to pour it into bottles re-use the bar syrup bottle it’s easy to pour out because of the cap. So unscrew the cap place a (clean or never used) funnel in the bottle. If you have a punch/soup bowl spoon it works perfect and just pour into the bottle. Hope you enjoy this recipe.

  2. Daisy

    The problem with this pin is that even if it works, you end up with skittle vodka, which is beyond disgusting. (I didn’t make it, I went to a party where a guest brought it. It was…well, the lemon was drinkable if you dilute it about 100% with sprite or club soda.)

  3. icebear

    looks kinda like what we used to do as kids- making kool aid out of pixie sticks or lollypops in water. it never worked. lol

  4. CocoNotChanel

    Did she strain it through a tea towel like the recipe said? Because that looks to me like she just didn’t strain it.

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