Fail: Lipstick Kisses Baby

Name:  Amy Delmanto

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 [Editor’s Note: Know who this image belongs to? I would love to source it properly.]

 What I Did: They make it look easy on Pinterest. I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and pinned it for another day. Well this was one of the many pins that I forgot about until I saw that one of my friends had attempted it. She posted her picture on Facebook and her daughter’s picture turned out great. So I decided to give it a shot with my 11 month old daughter Ella. I stripped her down and threw on a cute pink diaper. I pulled out my lipstick and went to town! Not so Pintastic! Don’t get me wrong- Ella is adorable but my attempt was a little lame. She looks like she has the measles!

First off, I am not a lipstick person so this pink was the darkest lipstick that I owned. I think a red would have been better. Secondly, Ella was too squirmy. She kept rubbing the lipstick off all over the couch. Lastly, she would not look at the camera. The flash kept making her blink. I took over a dozen shots and this one was the closest I could get to the model on Pinterest.

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My Result:

pinterest fail lipstick kisses on baby



  1. Pam

    I think its adorable. Squirmy or not, she’s obviously laughing in happiness, not in frustration. It is not a fail to me. Enjoy that adorable girl and still embarrass her on her wedding day with this.

  2. Julia

    Not a fail at all, she looks delighted! You can’t fake that kind of happiness, and this is so genuine!

  3. Lola

    Not a fail, I like your picture better!

  4. Peggy

    I agree with the other comments. This is too adorable to label a “fail”

    If you choose to try it again, but some cheap trees lipstick (cheaper is better for something like this. You want a fairly dry, cake-like lipstick without much gloss to it so it stays put.

    Put a large sheet or blanket over a pile of pillows to center her. I would plant all the kisses while she is standing or sitting in her high chair away from the pillow area. Then scoop her up and set her in the pillow pile – camera on tripod, focussed and ready to start shooting.

  5. CR

    Even done “right”, these always look creepy and wrong to me.

  6. Samuelito

    That’s adorable imo…but I agree these do look weird even when done perfectly. Plus the lipstick print directly on the nipple is a little odd to me, hopefully I’m not the only one that caught that. That said, I absolutely agree that the most important thing is that it looks like she was having a blast and that makes any picture adorable immediately, no matter how much “fail” is involved!

  7. Jose

    It looks like that baby has huge nipples…;)

  8. Nancy

    The Pinterest “Lipstick Kisses” baby looks like she’s suffering from a horrible skin disease. I like your photo with the lighter lipstick kisses better.

  9. Julie

    beautiful, this one is a win

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