Fail: Mason Jar Planters

Name:  Lauren

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What I Did: I loved the herbs in the mason jar look and had an empty wall in my kitchen that needed some sprucing up! If you we’re questioning it at all, plants really do need sun. I drowned the poor things to death and put them in a shaded corner in my kitchen. Oops!

My Result:

pinterest fail mason jar herb garden

Next Time I Will: Find some sun.



  1. Christin

    Other than the fact that the plants died, this looks good! The trick is finding plants that can survive in low light – in the original photo, at least two or three of those look like pothos (the second one on the top row, and the first one from the left on the bottom), which are shade plants, and can grow forever with limited sun. If you try to plant most herbs without much sun, they won’t survive. Either move the planter, or ask at your local garden center for good inside or shade plants. (Pothos are a great choice, by the way!)

  2. Junebug

    If you don’t have drainage, then they can go funky as well as the excess water in the bottom of the jars starts to turn swampy too… I dont think this would work as an indoor project.

  3. Cindy

    Some river rocks in the bottom of the jar would look really pretty and would solve the drainage problem. Don’t know if they would make the jars too heavy to hang, though.

  4. Dawn

    Plants do tend to succumb to disease and not get enough aeration without good drainage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plants in the original photo didn’t make it too far past their photo shoot.

  5. Geneva

    So I also did this project, and I did put mine near a window, and my herbs ALSO DIED. I put river rocks in the bottom and everything. I put new herbs in the jars, and those died too. I ended up putting different, hardier plants in the jars and putting my herbs in pretty pots on the windowsill. The jars still look amazing, but I learned m’lesson with the herbs.

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