Fail: Red White and Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies

Name:  Shannon

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What I Did: Living abroad in Italy (and married to a U.S. soldier!) makes you love celebrating patriotic holidays. I figured the 4th of July was the perfect holiday to find some Pinterest-y dessert to share with fellow Americans. I followed this recipe exactly as specified… womp womppp.

My Result:

pinterest fail independence day 4th of july icebox swirl cookies

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Next Time I Will: These cookies sadly didn’t even taste good 🙁 The dough was stickier than any sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever made before and there was clearly not going to be a positive outcome from the get-go. I’ll never make them again but if I WERE going to, I would have added wayyy more flour to make the dough easier to roll. Strike that: maybe if I ever get invited to a 1970s theme party, I’ll make these tie-dye cookies!



  1. Bridgette

    hahaha….tie dye cookies!!

  2. Katie

    It looks to me as though you were supposed to layer the colored doughs and roll them together like a pumpkin roll, then slice. Not roll pieces of the colored dough together into a ball and smash.

  3. Liz

    The pin doesn’t exist at the link given…the hyperlink points to the blog again and even when you copy the text and look for it that way, pinterest says the pin doesn’t exist. I would have liked to read the real directions that you “followed exactly” because it seems far fetched. And the blogpost “detailing” what happened…doesn’t provide any detail at all? It’s the same thing that was written here.

    • Jenna

      Sorry about that Liz! I broke the link.

  4. Delta

    Despite what she says, I don’t believe she followed the recipe properly. I’ve been making pinwheel icebox cookies with the exact same recipe for years, and have never had a fail. I don’t see a single “swirl” in her baked cookies, which leads me to believe she didn’t layer the doughs and roll them into a log, then chill before slicing/baking.

  5. Colleen

    To get the deep red and blue colors, you really have to use gel or paste food colors (from the cake decorating aisle at your craft store), not just the stuff you get at the grocery store. The dough was clearly not rolled out as thin and even as the directions say too; if the dough is too sticky, I would suggest popping it in the refrigerator, not adding more flour. Then be sure to refrigerate it again after rolling, and for a long time (at least an hour). Don’t let it sit out too long; if it’s hot or humid out, I would stick it back in the fridge after you cut five or so cookies off, in order to preserve the spiral shape.

  6. Susy

    I too tried this recipe and I should have taken a picture of mine…the were definitely similar to yours! The dough was terrible to work with. I was doing good through rolling out the individual color layers but stacking them was very hard to evenly line them up and I think I rolled them the short way instead of the long way. Also, I kept having to stick the roll in the fridge to keep them from getting too smooshed. In the end I just cut of slices and rolled them into a ball. If I ever dare to make this recipe again I will probably freeze the dough before slicing and try rolling them in a different direction. I thought they tasted okay, just kind of a plain sugar cookie.

  7. Robin Dormier

    same thing happened when I tried Dr, Seuss sugar cookies. Tasted ok, but looked very tie-dyed.

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