Fail: American Flag Nail Art

Name:  amanda thiessen


Original Inspiration:

What I Did: decided to do the 4th of july inspired nails for the holiday and it did not go as i thought it would. the picture looked like it would be easy and in my head i thought they would come out perfect. i was wrong.

My Result:

pinterest fail indepedence day nail art 4th of july fourth

Next Time I Will: next time i’ll go to a nail salon and leave it up to the professionals. or, go for something I KNOW i can do.



  1. Danni

    You must be patient and let the first coat dry or everything will be a mess

  2. Rochelle

    Seche Vite is your BEST friend for things like this! Also, don’t paint all the way down to your cuticles, stop just before you get to them and it will look much more professional, I promise. 🙂

  3. Lucy

    I can see where you’ve gone wrong with this – you want to do the white on the ring finger first – then the heart, and then the blue stripes so it appears the stripes go behind the heart.
    Do your nails in a round, so you’re doing 1 layer on 10 fingers, then 2 layers on 10 fingers so your nails have time to dry 🙂 Thin layers as well!
    Have to agree with Rochelle that Seche Vite is any nail art girl’s best mate!

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