Fail: American Flag Cake

Name:  Jane

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: My grandpa was born on the Fourth of July, so every year we have his party and our Fourth of July celebration together. This year my cousin and I decided to get crafty and we found this ADORABLE cake that didn’t look too hard to make. Everything was ok until we went to put it together. That’s when we ran into some issues.

My Result:

pinterest fail flag cake

Next Time I Will: Don’t use white cake mix, use something that’s more dense and make the layers thinner. Also have more support in the cake.



  1. Emily

    Hi Jane!

    I just came across this. I made this cake as well but it looks like I followed a different recipe. I was curious from your pic about how you sliced your cake? In the recipe I followed it was very clear that it had to be sliced in wedges in order to have the effect. (I can’t tell from your pic, sorry!) Anyway, let me recommend you check out CupcakesandCardio on Youtube. This is the recipe I followed and it came out perfect. My layers were thinner but I have smaller, cheap pans! I know the 4th has passed but it would still be fun to make!

  2. Professional Cake Decorator

    If you use a box of INSTANT pudding in your cake batter, it doesn’t matter which type of cake mix you use. The cake will be more solid and more moist and just better all the way around.

  3. Holly Hall

    A friend made this for the fourth and it did look like the one on Pintrest at first, but then it collapsed as soon as it was cut – but it tasted fantastic!!

  4. CR

    It’s pretty obvious that yours fell apart due to the giant multi-legged metal thing on top of the cake. What the heck is that?

  5. KL

    I have done this with white cake mix and it turned out great. Didn’t collapse at all even when cut into.

  6. KMac

    I made this cake as the top tier of my son’s birthday cake [it was super hero themed, so I used this as the inside of his Captain America cake] I followed the directions exactly- white cake mix, didn’t add a thing. It turned out PERFECT! Didn’t need some contraption for assembly… maybe you didn’t actually read the directions?… Cut perfect stayed assembled- on the top of a 3 layer cake even! One trick that perhaps people don’t know is to keep your cake cooled- empty some space in your fridge for that sucker right up until cutting time!

  7. Robbie

    When i make cakes from a box, just before I put it in the oven, I pound the cake pan with cake batter hard on the countertop with the intent of A) not spilling any batter, and B) to shake all the air bubbles out. The cake is more dense and stands up.

  8. Amanda

    Pretty sure your use of “support” on cakes that were not leveled properly was the bigger issue. The example doesn’t use obvious supports like those on yours. I’ve done this successfully before, but leveling is key.

  9. CocoNotChanel

    I think you just perforated it too much with the sparklers (?). I don’t think there was anything really wrong with the cake beside not leveling your top layer (not sure about the lower layers from the picture), but that shouldn’t have caused this kind of structural failure.

  10. Rebecca

    I made this same cake and mine turned out GREAT!!! The red wasn’t as red as I would have liked it to be but the cake cut and did the flag design wonderfully. Not able to post a pic in this comment but I assure you it was grand and I was pretty darn proud.

  11. Jen

    Is that a birdcage on top with a snowman trapped inside (does anyone else see that)?

  12. Shawna

    I agree with the others who mentioned making sure your cake layers were leveled flat before stacking them together. I’ve made the same cake and it didn’t have any problems. However, I do know the heartache of making a special desert only to have it go horribly wrong. Good luck with your next baking adventure!

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