Fail: Paleo 5 Minute Muffins

Name:  Lauren

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: We put some of the batter in a mini muffin tin but wanted to save time so we put the rest in a cake pan, (the muffins turned out the same way however.) Recipe called for any kind of nut butter so we used sunflower seed butter. It also called for VERY ripe bananas, which ours were not, so we put them in the freezer and then sat them out to thaw in an attempt to make them ripen faster.

My Result:

paleo five minute muffin banana paleo pinterest fail

Next Time I Will: Recipe called to mix ingredients in a blender but it came out so runny that it didn’t rise well. It may have worked better to combine in a bowl by hand.
The bananas are probably what gave it the greenish color. The longer it sat out the greener it got…..



  1. Dawn

    putting the banana in the freezer does not make it ripen faster. Neither does putting them in the fridge. It stops the ripening process. It turns the skin black-absolutely-but stops ripening. I worked in a produce warehouse for years and the cold does nothing to the fruit-only the skin. I store mine in the fridge all the time when they are getting too ripe. 🙂 Good luck on the next batch….

  2. Traci

    It’s your sunflower seed butter that’s making it turn green!

  3. Elizabeth H, blogger for SunButter

    Hi Lauren (and Jenna),
    Love your site, and just must comment on this one. Since I blog for the SunButter brand of sunflower seed butter, your recipe caught my eye. That is your green culprit. See, the chlorophyll in the sunflower seeds reacts with baking soda and/or baking powder to cause the green coloring. As the baked goodies cool, it reacts even more for your green hue!
    Two ideas:
    – Make this again for St Patrick’s Day : )
    – Reduce the baking soda by about half or add a bit of lemon juice to the batter (the lemon juice counteracts the chlorophyll)
    Thanks for the continued smiles from kitchen fails (trust me, there have been hundreds at our house!).
    Take care!

  4. Grace

    The recipe called for NUT butter – don’t think this counts. Next time try almond or cashew butter.

  5. Amanda

    An easy (and fast) way to ripen bananas is to put them in the oven. Turn the oven to the lowest setting and place the bananas on a cookie sheet. Leave room between them, don’t crowd them. It should take about an hour, but do keep the light on so you can keep an eye on them. Opening the door to check all the time lets the heat out and can make it take up to 4 times longer! Leave the door closed when you’re using the oven. You can leave them in until they are nicely spotted then use them immediately, or pop them in the fridge to stop the ripening action.

  6. Erica

    I agree with Dawn. Putting bananas in the in the fridge or freezer only makes the skin turn black from cold damage. It does not ripen them. Plus, to avoid the green color, I wouldn’t use the sunflower seed butter.

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