1. Patrick M.

    It’s actually really cool! Even if it isn’t exactly a perfect rainbow.

  2. Barbara

    Use a swans down cake 1234 cake its thicker then use ziploc bags and dye each color then layer them in the cake pan dye the coconut green and use fondant first and for that make your own! Do the fondant the day before and the cake let it dry before you put together! good luck!
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  3. Deh

    Not that bad, though.
    Did it taste good?

  4. Kay

    I did taste good! 🙂 I did use ziploc bags…which was quite a process. I took my time and thought this would really work…I guess it was close…kinda. Colorful if nothing else.

  5. sam

    It’s Awesome!! It looks to me like the only problem is that you used an angel food cake pan instead of the small bunt pan that they used. Great Job!

  6. Nancy M

    This is from http://www.notmartha.org! She explains exactly how she got the rainbow to look right, it did take her a few tries though!

  7. icebear

    i think it still looks really cool, your icing looks a bit thin…overall i don’t see this as a true fail.

  8. Joelle

    I made this too, and mine did the same thing. I even used the small bunt pan… I used rainbow sprinkle cake mix though. Also, my icing was beyond sweet, so no one wanted to eat it, and it was so hot that all of it slid off and pooled around the bottom of the cake. If anything, it made for a good wow factor when you cut into the cake.

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