1. Erin

    You know what always wonder? If you could just bake a normal (thin) cookie the regular way, take it out of the oven a minute or two early, then lay the almost baked cookie on a muffin tin, gently shaping it around it, and then baking for another minute or two. I’m not sufficiently motivated to try this any time soon with 90’F temps and no A/C, but maybe someone else is.

  2. Bndi Harris

    i was going to do this for my daughters birthday. I followed all directions. Placed in oven. then 10 minutes later I smelled something burning. All of the cookie dough had slid off the pan onto the oven and was being burned to a crisp. Birthday Party smelled of burnt cookies, and no cookie bowl! PINTERST FAIL!!!

  3. icebear

    i bet if cookie dough made for cookie-cutter shapes was used, it would work better.

  4. Linda

    Erin, yes I have wondered that too. Although another hurdle would be to make sure they don’t fall apart when trying to move them to the over turned muffin tin. Also the original post seems to be using tiny little chocolate dots, I don’t think regular size chocolate chips would work.

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