04 Jul

Fail: Cookie Bowls

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Name:  Lauryn

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/duerrmeister

Original Inspiration:  http://pinterest.com/pin/52354414388566637/

What I Did: Used way too much cookie dough and should have used non-stick spray!! It was still delicious though!

My Result:

pinterest fail cookie bowl

Next Time I Will: Use less cookie dough and more non-stick spray.

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  1. Erin says:

    You know what always wonder? If you could just bake a normal (thin) cookie the regular way, take it out of the oven a minute or two early, then lay the almost baked cookie on a muffin tin, gently shaping it around it, and then baking for another minute or two. I’m not sufficiently motivated to try this any time soon with 90’F temps and no A/C, but maybe someone else is.

    1. Bndi Harris says:

      i was going to do this for my daughters birthday. I followed all directions. Placed in oven. then 10 minutes later I smelled something burning. All of the cookie dough had slid off the pan onto the oven and was being burned to a crisp. Birthday Party smelled of burnt cookies, and no cookie bowl! PINTERST FAIL!!!

      1. icebear says:

        i bet if cookie dough made for cookie-cutter shapes was used, it would work better.

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