Fail: Dried Strawberries, Part 6

Name: Rae

Original Inspiration:

dried strawberries

What I Did: These gooey gummy strawberries looked so good, I was so excited to try this recipe, especially since it said they were “better than twizzlers.” So I cut up two whole containers of fresh strawberries, and followed the recipe: Bake at 210 degrees for 3 hours. After 3 hours, they looked exactly the same, only warm. So I let them sit in there at 210 for 2 more hours, then 3 more, and after 8 hours they refused to dehydrate – they were still wet, sitting in puddles of their own juices, but turned black around the edges. They were bitter, burned, and mushy tasting. Fail!!

My Result:

pinterest fail dried strawberries

Next Time I Will: This recipe can’t be saved – the only real way to dehydrate strawberries is in a food dehydrator. I wish the people who spam that recipe all over Pinterest would be forced to remove them all… I’m sure this exact same thing has happened to lots of other people!


  1. Anne

    I’ve noticed a trend in these. All of the fails have the strawberries on the pan or tinfoil on the pan. On the recipe I saw (might be a different pin than these), it said straight up that they need to be put on a rack on the pan. Also, from comments on the recipe, it is suggested to lower the temp about fifty degrees.

  2. Annie

    Yep, I think you’re right. I tried them and they were an epic fail. Every time I see them pinned again I want to tell the person, “Stop!! No!! They don’t work!!!”

  3. Jen

    Okay, I did this last week when my strawberries were about a day away from going bad. I only had six. I cut the smaller ones into halves the the larger ones into quarters. I put the oven on 200, and I check back in 90 minutes to flip them and get the air circulate, but I realized flipping them wouldn’t be possible. However, they also looked pretty dry, so I check back in another 20 minutes and ate them. They were good! But they are not better than Twizzlers; they’re more like a very strong jam flavor.

    By the way, if you Google “strawberries dried in oven” you’ll see that they are not supposed to look anything like they do in the pin. Also, put your oven on as low as it can go.

  4. anon

    Oh no! Yucky; the finish product freaked me out. They look like a bunch of severed scrotums!

  5. Ashley

    Please don’t give up on this recipe! When using the oven to dehydrate you MUST use a rack and put your oven temp as low as possible, the “warm” setting is best. If you lay the food to be dried flat on the pan there is no air circulation and the food cannot dry evenly. You must also slice fairly thinly, just in half is not enough.

  6. SUgar

    Ive tried these as well and mine didn’t work out either! They looked much the same as the picture, and tasted NASTY

  7. Andrea

    So glad I just saw this! I just pinned that recipe today! I would have ended up wasting perfectly good strawberries!

  8. icebear

    i have an Excalibur… dehydrated strawberries don’t look like that original picture either. i don’t know what on Earth they do to commercially dried fruit, but it certainly isn’t processed the same way. home-made dehydrated strawberries are absolutely delicious (they even retain their fresh flavor, they are just crispy). i have never tried oven drying, i’m not sure i understand how it could work…too much heat, too little air flow.

    anyway, this recipe drives me batty, just like the mozzarella cheese bites one where they tell you to dredge the cheese bits in skim milk and bread crumbs… like skim milk will make the crumbs adhere….uggh.

  9. lolwat

    as other have pointed out, obviously if you don’t use a rack, then your strawberries are just stewing in their own juices – THEY ARENT GOING TO DRY OUT. use some common sense..

  10. Sonia

    The directions say to cut the strawberries in half or quartered depending on the size but the picture looks like whole strawberries?

  11. benjamin

    haha~ though not from the same place i got the recipe. I used 100deg C (which is the lowest my oven can go) and it turn out real bad. Burning into coal and sticking to the pan. hahahaha~~ slicing it into too thin a slices might be the reason. But thanks! after reading this, I can skip the steps of cutting into halves or quarters and getting a real dehydrator instead. and I tried some of those that haven’t burnt. It tasted real bad! Sour-ish and bad after taste. Did sprinkle some salt on top before putting into oven though, any ideas for this taste and how to improve it?

    • lori grierson

      Here’s your fix. Take your failed strawberries and put them into a zip-loc bag. Throw them into the freezer for a couple of hours, take them out, spread them onto a large baking sheet. Using a spray bottle, spray them with a mixture of about 1c of water, and one teaspoon of vinegar. Immediately follow that with a light dusting of confectioners sugar. Place them back into the freezer immediately, and leave them there for about 1/2 hr. (no longer). Remove them from freezer to inspect, then take the entire batch out to your compost bin

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