Fail: Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies

Name: Jennifer

Original Inspiration:


What I Did:  I chose this because it looked tasty. I didn’t change a thing from the recipe. Honestly, I don’t know why it didn’t turn out like the picture. The pretzels got kind of soggy and the caramel sauce was too runny. In my defense, the original recipe did not specify a type of caramel sauce.

My Result:

pinterest fail salted pretzel caramel brownies

Next Time I Will: I will make my own caramel sauce from real caramels. I will also use stick pretzels and only a single layer.



  1. Heather

    Okay. Buy the snap pretzels (squares). Put a layer of them down on a lined cookie sheet. place a rolo on top of each pretzel. Put them in the oven at 250 for a few minutes. Take them out when they are warm but not all melty/crazy looking. Then place another snap on top of the rolo, and push down.

    This may change your life.

  2. Michelle

    My sister had the same problem, she used the marzetti’s apple dip the second time and it worked /looked great

  3. Shilo

    I did this one too and used the real caramels and it worked just fine. I did however use the same brand of brownies but I used the family size so I had a bigger yield. Mine turned out fine.

  4. Karen

    Oh my word I made these last night and it was horrible! Too many pretzels for sure, which made brownies not bake evenly. Used Hershey’s caramel sauce and it just never stuck to the top at all. Very disappointed!

  5. savannahjones98

    it doesn’t look like you baked the brownies at all.

  6. mary

    I made these, and while they were a fail, still a hit. I followed directions, and used caramel sauce in the ice cream section and was to runny, I then melted some dark choc chips and poured over the top of that let that harden some and then did another jar of caramel sauce(topping) and still a fail. Took it to work anyway and was eaten and had good flavor, just looked bad. Going to try this again may using the caramel apple dip, since it is thicker.. Just wanted mine to look like the picture. and they did not.

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