Fail: Hair Bow (Part 2)

Name: Erica and Brittany

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: We were actually inspired when looking through this blog and exclaimed how cute the hairbow inspiration was, and how it didn’t look that complicated. Well, turns out not to be as easy as anticipated. Oh well, guess it’s not the hairstyle of the year for us.

My Result:

pinterest hair bow tutorial fail

pinterest hair bow tutorial fail

Next Time I Will:  This was a disaster. I think we’ll stick with braids and youtube tutorials!



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  2. COurt

    You have to pin the bow parts to the parts you pulled back..That’s obviously not the best way to explain it lol but I just did it and it looked like a bow. NOW, it does not as good as the OP but not a total fail!

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  4. Sheena

    Okay you OBVIOUSLY didn’t try hard enough. That’s too loose and you’re supposed to grab a bigger section of hair.

  5. Saira

    Backcomb your hair first for thickness and then the shape will look better!

  6. KMac

    Yeah… this really is an easy hairstyle to do- I do it on my 6 year old daughter all the time! Teasing helps, pinning the bow pieces into place helps- and a healthy dose of hairspray to hold it all in place! And like someone else said, you don’t pull that much hair through- it’s only 3 or 4 inches pulled through. It’s actually a plus to have long hair, you’ll have a bunch hanging out the bottom of the bow and you can stuff that up into the bow to fluff it up and help hold it in place more!

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