Fail: Chevron Nails

Name: Jessica

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: I don’t know. I cut the tape into a chevron print. I painted all my nails China Glaze White on White first. Allowed them to dry. Then I laid the chevron print stencil in place and painted over it as in the example. After it dried and I peeled it off it did not look as the picture. The paint itself had dried over the stencil as if the stencil was part of my nail and in pulling the stencil off it nearly ruined the entire nail.

My Result:

pinterest fail chevron nails

Next Time I Will: Next time I will have a nail technician do my nails. I worked on this for hours and it was annoying.


  1. Sandra

    Don’t give up; you’re too close.

  2. Emily

    I made that mistake once too. Remove the stencil as soon as you’ve painted, before the paint dries. Trust me, I’ve done this one and it works

  3. Joy

    It seems like nail technicians are purposely messing up these easy nail tutorials in order to drum up more business for themselves.

  4. Steph

    All of these fails are cringe worthy…

    Please… Satan no… Satan nooo!

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