Fail: Polka Dot Cake

Name: Randilyn

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: So, my sister and I decided to try out the polka dot cake. We thought it would be easy and super cute to make. So she went out and bought the food coloring the cake pan the mix and she even bought a cake pop maker.

My Result:

pinterest fail polka dot cake

Next Time I Will:  Uh I’m not sure this could be salvaged. Probably get a cupcake pan instead of the cake pop maker. The pops didn’t turn out very circleish lol


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  2. amy coe

    Did you read all of her instructions? I made the polka dot cake and it was great. I bought the pop maker (that looks a bit like a waffle iron.) My only problem was I didn’t add enough dots. Next time I would really go crazy with the dots.

  3. Sandra

    It looks as if you overfilled the pop maker and your batter spilled over. Half to two/thirds full is about all you should need per pop or cupcake section. When they cook, they swell. If you filled ’em full, that was too much.

  4. Kailey Graham

    I made this recipe and it worked fabulously! I froze the pops before I put them in the round pan. I also accidentally over-filed my round cake pans with batter, but it was still able to he salvaged. The trick may be to wait untill everything is completely cooled down before moving on to any next step.

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  6. Machele

    I must have read something different. I thought you froze the cake batter, Then once the balls are frozen, place them in the cake pan and pour the cake batter around the frozen batter balls. Then- bake it all together.

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