Fail: No-bake Vegan Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats

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What I Did:  A craving for peanut butter rice krispie treats had me perusing blogs for the perfect way to use some puffed quinoa. I eventually picked Angela’s Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats. I settled on half a recipe because I didn’t want to make too much, but still made some changes. I used a bit less puffed quinoa because I figured there would be a higher surface area, and also decreased the sweetener (swapping in agave for her brown rice syrup), switched coconut oil for the Earth Balance, ditched flax for chia, and swapped pumpkin seed butter for the almond butter. This seemed like a simple, malleable dessert, so I ran with it.

After a minute on the stovetop on medium heat, my wet ingredients suddenly seized, changing from a melty pourable liquid into a harder taffy-like spread. Oops, I think my heat was too high? I trudged onwards, stirring in the chia even though it looked pretty sturdy and then tried to mix in the puffed quinoa. I had to mix it with my hands: I could see this going nowhere fast with a spoon. Instead of pulling out parchment paper or more oil, I figured I could freeform the bars on my silpat. I still don’t think it was that bad of an idea, although lots of untrapped quinoa puffs rolled over my counter. I even flipped the silpat in half to smooch it together from both sides. In retrospect rolling them into balls might have been better.

In the end, my bars, or crumbles, don’t look anything like picture-perfect Angela’s. But they were still delicious, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon within a peanut taffy studded with puffed quinoa treat. Not crispy, more chewy. In retrospect, that was how I liked rice krispie treats back in the day: less rice, more mallow, please. If only they were a bit more portable-friendly for my upcoming cycling jaunts.

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pinterest fail vegan rice crisp treats


  1. Colleen

    You changed every single ingredient except the vanilla extract and the salt. I don’t think you can possibly call this a pinterest fail, sorry.

  2. Amanda

    Where on Earth did you get the ingredients list from? There’s no quinoa in the recipe that the pin links to! PinterestFail-FAIL!

  3. Des

    Right, Colleen. It was more of a pretentiousness success.

  4. Darrin

    Аpprесіate this post. Will tгу іt оut.

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