18 May

Fail: DIY Pizza Cone

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Name: Chrisie Platt

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/75576099967543692/


What I Did: Attempted to make pizza cones, without a pre-existing “cone.” Made one out of aluminum foil. HAAAA! This is what happened.

My Result:

pinterest fail pizza cone

Next Time I Will: Buy the pizza cone kit!!

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  1. Sandra Wineman Altman says:


    1. Sharon says:

      Just plain funny

      1. Kerrie says:

        I can’t stop laughing! This is great!

        1. Chell says:

          hahaha, hilarious

          1. Stephanie McCoy says:

            Was having a bad day and that made me laugh!

            1. Melita says:

              Sooo funny!

              1. stacy says:

                If you were having an “Adult Themed” party these would be great.

                1. Ranid says:

                  I can’t stop laughing! This is EPIC!!!

                  1. Mandorama says:

                    Absolutely phallic! Bahahaha!

                    1. Joni says:

                      LOL!!!! I too was having a blue day… This made me actually laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing…

                      1. Dee Dee St. John says:

                        I laughed right out loud when I saw it.

                        1. MesqSandra says:

                          WARNING: Do not try to eat while looking at these projects! You may choke! Thanks for sharing this EPIC with us!!!

                          1. Lori says:

                            Freakin hilarious!!!!! bwhahahahaha

                            1. LoriO says:

                              OMG, that it way to hysterical for words…..tears? yes. Words, NO!

                              One AWESOME job there!!

                              1. Joanna says:

                                I have laughed so hard at this after picture! Thanks for sharing.

                                1. Sarah says:

                                  Beautiful pizza cocks! Amazing these are a WIN!!

                                  1. Christina says:

                                    Seriously I can’t stop laughing. And I have had a bad day. This was great. Im going to keep looking at it….and laughing….

                                    1. Lori says:

                                      This is HILARIOUS!! I would love to serve these for my family…we all have a very sick, twisted sense of humor!! FABULOUS FAIL!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!

                                      1. sandie says:

                                        Lollllllllll That looks like something I would make.

                                        1. Karen Churn says:

                                          This is just too funny! I would have killed to have seen your face when you pulled those out of the oven.

                                          1. Sharleen says:

                                            That is way TOO funny!. I was laughing out loud then started crying when I read the other comments. Going to make sure I share this with everyone I know so they can laugh as hard as I did. Thanks

                                            1. Wendy says:

                                              FAIL??? I think this is a huge success…..depending on what kind of a party you are having!!!! You could cater those at a lingerie party!

                                              1. Debra Ward says:

                                                Thank you for this; so funny!!

                                                1. meg marshall says:

                                                  Too funny! Totally not a failure:)

                                                  1. Amanda says:

                                                    I cannot stop laughing! This is so funny!

                                                    1. Sandra says:

                                                      Hahahahaha! I’m sitting in my car waiting for my little one to wake up and was searching the web when I found this! I literally sat here laughing out loud whith tears treating down my face!

                                                      1. Jennifer says:

                                                        OMG I am crying. cant stop laughing.

                                                        1. Ali says:

                                                          Oh look, dildoughs!

                                                          1. Lafayette says:

                                                            Tears are rolling down my cheeks right now, I’m laughing so hard!!! My husband asked me why I was laughing and I outright lied to him!

                                                            1. Christine says:

                                                              Oh my goodness! This is too funny! I love your blog!

                                                              1. JoAnna says:

                                                                OMG. I can’t stop laughing. This is great. Now I want to try and make it to see what happens.

                                                                1. Louise says:

                                                                  I can’t stop laughing! The picture, the comments and then Lisa on May 25th at 9:18am…OMG! I can’t stop! My sides are literally splitting! This was so not a FAIL, but a defining moment in Pinterest!!! LOL!

                                                                  1. Louise says:

                                                                    Sorry…that should be Ali on May 25th at 9:18am! Sorry for the error, Ali! Still priceless!!

                                                                    1. Wendy Margulies says:

                                                                      Yikes! This one didn’t even look good in the Pinterest pic. But you tried anyway….
                                                                      That’s ambitious.

                                                                      1. Debi says:

                                                                        This is the funniest pinterest fail I have ever seen….I cannot stop laughing/crying.

                                                                        1. Viki says:

                                                                          OMG Ali – your comment just made this all the more hilarious!! I was trying to think of something along the lines of “This is definitely on the wrong website..” but yours wins the prize! Seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time….

                                                                          1. William says:

                                                                            This is absolutely hilarious! I cannot stop laughing!

                                                                            1. Liz says:

                                                                              or Pinterest WIN! I laughed so hard I cried.

                                                                              1. Wonderfullyhappy says:

                                                                                That Doesn’t look good . . . . . .

                                                                                1. Andy says:

                                                                                  When I passed this on to my parents they said: “It looks like a puppet!” and “No, it looks like a groundhog or something”


                                                                                  1. gr8laugh says:

                                                                                    You have to market those penis cones.

                                                                                    1. MizzSmile says:

                                                                                      What may have been a fail, I say is a major success for a bachelorette party :)

                                                                                      1. Tanya says:

                                                                                        This looks very disturbing…too funny!!

                                                                                        1. tavia says:

                                                                                          not to sure I want to say what it looks like lol

                                                                                          1. Allyson says:

                                                                                            These are awesome. @Ali, my very first thought on seeing the picture was “Hey! Dildoughs!” Great minds think alike.

                                                                                            1. Françoise says:

                                                                                              This looks like … let’s say a palourde royale …. you HAVE to google that

                                                                                              1. Tony says:

                                                                                                I am laughing so hard I am crying. This is very much something to do for a bachelorette party or a gay guy’s birthday!

                                                                                                1. Nancy says:

                                                                                                  I laughed ’til I almost wet my pants. Had to share it with friends.

                                                                                                  1. Babs says:

                                                                                                    These should be served with meatballs and Alfredo sauce!

                                                                                                    1. chrisie says:

                                                                                                      This is me, the one who made them! Loved reading y’alls comments!! Funny! And glad my cooking skills could entertain! Lol!

                                                                                                      1. Amber says:

                                                                                                        Bahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site!

                                                                                                        1. Sharon says:

                                                                                                          Oh, I love this so much. You’ve invented a new item. I just wonder how you actually eat them ;-)

                                                                                                          1. Me says:

                                                                                                            Franchise, [autocorrect FAIL…]

                                                                                                            Francoise, I DID Google that (palourde royale), for images. Oh my God… what a vulgar-looking thing! I’ve heard my diver husband talk about getting “geoducks” (English term) in the US Pacific Northwest, but had never SEEN one. I’m just… I’ve GOT to rib him about his apparent love of eating those things… this is just TOO rich!

                                                                                                            1. Husband says:

                                                                                                              “Honey, I’m home! What’s for dinner?!…”

                                                                                                              1. Alice says:


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