1. Elizabeth Johnson

    OMG, these would go with the pizza cones!

    • Kim

      That is funny

  2. Naancy

    I quite often look at Pinterest for inspiration for my card making. Just heard about this site on the news tonight. Must say I have not laughed so hard in weeks, which I so dearly needed to do. I agree with the other girls these pancakes definitely go with the pizza cones!

    Keep up the disasters, we all need to learn to laugh at what life hands us!

  3. LoriO

    Yup, kidneys to me too…..and again, VERY VERY funny fail!

  4. cloudedknife

    precook your bacon in the oven so it’s “medium”, I like keeping bacon stored in the fridge like this, good on salads, easy to quickly nuke a piece if I want hot sizzling bacon.

    anyway, take your precooked piece of bacon, dip it in your batter, drop that in the pan AND THEN pour your batter over that!

  5. heather

    I’d eat it. Bacon flavored pancake kidneys. 🙂

  6. Amanda

    My daughter cracked me up when she saw this!! She informed me that the pancakes look like butt cheeks 🙂 Great try though 🙂

  7. Kay

    I made these and they turned out just like the original. My teenage boys loved them. I precooked the bacon in the oven first, then put them on the griddle and poured batter over them. I will probably make them again.

  8. G

    I’m not really sure what you did because my Grandma do this all the time and ours look nothing like this! ours are always tasty and look like regular pancakes.

  9. Vickey

    Okay I make these all the time..but cook and crumble the bacon, pour pancake batter as usual, sprinkle with bacon bits, cook, flip…tada, bacon bits in every bite. YUMMY .

  10. Paul Krol

    if you insert one of them pizza cones, it might make for an interesting meal.

  11. -

    This is the only one that made me laugh so far! I don’t think it’s a fail though. Let’s be honest, the original wasn’t all the much better.

  12. Yee Haw

    Dude… this looks like a vagina.

  13. Neriad13

    Wouldn’t be better in general to just crumble the bacon before adding it to the batter?

  14. Beth in Md

    I’ve been eating and making bacon pancakes for as long as I can remember- I had no idea it made it to pinterest!

  15. pikapal

    I can’t cook very well, and I’ve made these before successfully. Like others have said pre-cook the bacon. I also chop the bacon up.

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