Fail: Bunny Rolls (Part 2)

Name: Julie

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: My aunt suggested we make these for Easter. Looked easy enough… just a couple snips with scissors. Unfortunately that caused pointy ears and the rest is history. She thinks they look like Darth Vader, I think they look like evil cats.

My Result:

pinterest fail easter bunny rolls

Next Time I Will: I think there is no way this project could be saved. Look at the rounded ears!


  1. Andrew

    Not a fail at all. They made the Eloi, you made the Morlocks. 🙂

  2. Ella

    I think you’re supposed to snip the ears before they’re cooked.

  3. Mina

    @ Ella. I think they did snib them before baking, or possibly in the middle of baking, thus the heavily browned edges. The finished bunny rolls on the left look more like they were molded, so there must be some extra secret.

  4. Danielle

    These looked a lot like mine, evil.

  5. Alisa

    It looks like these were cut partway through or after baking–needs to be done while raw and can be successful!

  6. Camille

    I totally would consider these a success.

  7. Deh

    It doesn’t look like you used the proper dough as well.

  8. Sharleen

    Scary …..yet very very funny.

  9. Jess

    These look like brown and serve rolls. I have made these and they turned out great – I used uncooked storebought DOUGH. Try it again 🙂

  10. LimeyG

    The raw dough in the picture is cookie dough. Dinner rolls dough is much more airy.

  11. Corrie

    I think the ones in the original need to be baked separately (like you do with cookies)– not next to each other, like dinner rolls usually are– I think that’s why the bodies in the original look more rounded. No idea what solution for the ears… maybe not baking as long? Who knows!

  12. Rachel

    Thank you. I have been going through these for the first time, and this one made my day. I am in tears, I am laughing so hard. Not only at your Fail, but at the fact that this is what I KNOW mine would look like.

    Thank you for making my day better.

  13. Brandi

    It looks like they used reg prepackaged dinner rolls then cut them and tried to “bake” them. But I’ll say that I just made them an

  14. Sarah

    I made them and also had an epic fail. They looked more like hamsters than anything else.

  15. Barbie

    These will scare the crap out of everyone that opens the roll basket! I’m going to make them for Halloween! Love them! Thanks:-)

  16. Corine

    Maybe snip before they rise?

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