Fail: Valentine Jello Hearts

Name: Marnie

Original Inspiration:

What I Did:  I needed a V-day dessert, and I thought heart shaped Jell-O would be great! Unfortunately, the hearts did not stay hearts when I attempted to move them from their original pan, so after a bit of attempting to drop them into the new dish and shape the droppings into hearts, I gave up, scraped at random, and made Valentine Surprise.

My Result:

valentine jello hearts pinterest fail

Next Time I Will: I don’t know if it can be saved… there should be some method to allow the jello to loosen from the pan – not sure would want PAM or flour on my jello… I had made my jello heart hopefuls fairly thin, since I desired to have a lot, so I would try having them thicker, and I would let them set overnight, rather than using the quick set method. The only win I discovered here was that you can use reusable ice cubes to set your jello much faster, and it doesn’t water down so you can make the recipe in the standard way.


  1. Bonnie

    Try putting them in the freezer for about ten min first. I’ve tried that with something similar and it made it a bit easier.

  2. Mary

    This is basically making Jello Jigglers. My mom used to make them all the time. The trick is the last part:

    DIP bottom of pan in warm water 15 sec. Cut into decorative shapes using 2-inch cookie cutters, being careful to cut all the way through gelatin to bottom of pan. Lift JIGGLERS® from pan. Reserve scraps for snacking.

  3. Maegan

    The original instructions said she inverted the jello on to a cutting board & cut the shapes while it was on a cutting board. She didn’t cut them in the pan & try to move them.

  4. Nicky

    If you fill your sink with hot water and let the pan sit in it for about 30 seconds then invert the pan they should slide right out. Do not use boiling water and do not let the sit to long or they’ll melt but just a few second and they’ll slide right out. I have little chocolate molds that we make jello jigglers in all the time.

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