Fail: The Fish Bowl

Name: nikkibidds

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: My friends and I were having a game night and decided to try this! We couldn’t find blue curacao anywhere so instead we used UV Blue. It looked delicious and we even bought real fish bowls! We put the nerds in first and then added the sprite, i think that’s where we went wrong because it looked like puke. But it tastes amazing!

My Result:

fish bowl drink Pinterest fail

Next Time I Will:  Don’t add the nerds in until after adding all of the other ingredients!



  1. amanda

    I made this with my girlfriends one night in a big bowl. We used the exact ingrediants, the blue curaco is what makes the drink look exact. However we decided to skip on the candy (the nerds and swedish fish) because they were simply for looks. This is a very sweet and sugary drink! But oh so good!!

  2. Brian

    Do NOT swap out the blue curacao for the UV blue … UV blue is a shitty tasting vodka … blue curacao is a cordial with specific flavors.

  3. Elise

    My friends and I did this for a black light party it was a WIN/FAIL. FAIL: looked nothing like the picture the fish didn’t stick to the sides and if you weren’t careful you choked on the nerds on the bottom. WIN: it tasted great and since a few of us at the party are bartenders we played with the recipe and by the 3rd bowl they tasted GREAT, or we didn’t care any more :p

  4. Patrick M.

    Blue curacao has a much lower alcohol content than vodka. That’s why you can’t substitute!

  5. Emily

    Technically, it does look like a fishbowl! Just, maybe, one that hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

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