13 Feb

Fail: Baby Christmas Photo

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Name: Lindsay B.

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/424182858622643367/

What I Did: I had my first child this past May and became a part-time stay at home mom. I was all excited to do fun cooking/crafty/homemade projects with my wee one. I decided to create our own Christmas photo shoot from an idea I saw on Pinterest. After about an hour of prep, a frustrated husband and crying baby I realized that I had totally nailed this one. {Insert sarcastic tone} I ended up just sitting my sweet baby boy on the couch and letting him play with the string of Christmas lights for the picture. The photo was cute and not as elaborate- but definitely not as funny.

My Result:

failed baby photo christmas lights photography pinterest

Next Time I Will: Realize that just because I have Instagram does not mean I am a professional photographer.

Comments on this post
  1. alicat8 says:

    this just made my day-cracked up!!! that’s exactly what mine would’ve done too!

    1. Nicky says:

      Oh. My. Goodness. I laughed so hard!!!

      1. Katie says:

        bhahahaha!!!! this was so cute!!!!

        1. Alicia says:

          Bummer. You set up everything just right, but you need a special camera lense (one with a large aperture) to get the picture you were trying to copy. Also you need to be at the same level as the baby’s face when you snap the picture. Hope all that work didn’t go to waste. Personally I would have sent out the bad with my xmas cards. It’s hilarious.

          1. Stephanie Mason says:

            Nothing has made me laugh out loud in private as much as this picture in a looong time. I think I honestly like the second picture better! It really captures the reality of life.

            1. eileensideways says:

              this made me laugh out loud. “face plant”.

              1. eileensideways says:

                i think u should have sent it like this post. the good and the bad. lol

                1. DeeDee Taylor says:

                  I love this. It’s not PERFECT but your baby is still adorable. I’m sure next time things will turn out better but thank you for the laugh.

                  1. Sarah says:

                    This is hilarious!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

                    1. Stevie says:

                      Can’t breathe, can’t see – laughing too hard. This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Had to call a friend and share but couldn’t get the words out. Love this!

                      1. Iris says:

                        This is great! Thanks for sharing :)

                        1. 3j says:

                          This made me laugh so hard. awww lol

                          1. Tiffany says:

                            Shame on you for covering up the professional photographers watermark!

                            1. Jeni says:

                              Love it! And LOVE the gDiaper!! We used them, too. :)

                              1. Lindsay says:

                                Thanks for the comments everyone! I am glad my sweet boy is bringing so many people joy!

                                And I made sure that I did cover up the original photographers watermark- I included a link to the posting which has the photographer cited. Also, Buzzfeed picked up my photo and made it #1 in Reasons You Should Never Reenact Pinterest Photos. I made sure the photographer was cited on that website too!


                                1. Lindsay says:

                                  Oops! Meant to say that I “made sure I did not cover up the original photographers watermark”.

                                  1. Betty says:

                                    OMG !!! I never comment on websites, but this time I just HAD to !! This is hilarious !!! It’s 3am, and I just woke my husband up with my laughter !!! Can’t stop !!!
                                    Love the pic !! As someone already said, it truly shows the reality of life

                                    1. Reyna says:

                                      WOW I have not laughed so hard in yearsssssss. I am crying because I cannot stop laughing , my husband just asked me if I am doing drugssss LOL!!!!

                                      1. Kristin says:

                                        I just found Pinterest-fail and came across this. I too am laughing so hard the tears in my eyes made it impossible to read the other comments for a while. I’m viewing it on my iPhone and it looks like a raging inferno is creeping its way toward the baby. It’s almost like some twisted elfin-voodoo ritual pic. Why that makes me laugh, I don’t know. But I haven’t had a giggle like this in so very very long. Thank you for sharing. And I think I won’t try to recreate Pinterest photo ideas!

                                        1. Natalie says:

                                          This is so amazing. I hope you sent it w/your Christmas cards. I would LOVE to receive something like this. Hysterical.

                                          1. Ari says:

                                            As a professional photographer, thanks for this. Made my day.

                                            1. Justin says:

                                              My wife did this; to much better results (though if you follow this link you will see that some of the photos were comical fails….)


                                              1. Svetlana says:

                                                I think you’d need an older child. One that could actually hold it’s own head up?

                                                1. Lindsay B. says:

                                                  He could hold his own head up- Judy didn’t want to participate in the photo shoot!

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