11 Feb

Fail: Sock Bun

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Name: Ashlew20

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashlew20

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/39758409182285933/

What I Did: I attempted the sock bun… I chose this project because it looked really easy.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: Next time I will just keep scrolling!

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  1. Lynn says:

    My daughter & I actually use this one on a regular basis…works best on wet hair. She has really long hair and a decent amount of it, so the sock is always covered. Mine is medium length, but thin so I have to be more careful when I roll to get it covered.

    1. Styles says:

      I do it everyday -.- it’s the 3rd easiest hair style

      1. Styles says:

        I wear sock buns everyday -.- easy!

        1. Amy says:

          When I was in Basic Training for the US Air Force, my instructor made us wear sock buns everyday if our hair was long enough. Here is the trick: The shorter your hair, the less of the sock has to be cut. If you have longer hair, just cut more of the top of the sock. Also, it works best if you do it straight out of the shower, but when your hair isn’t dripping wet. If you use the same sock, just make sure that you wash it on a regular basis or the water from your hair can cause mold to grow on the sock.

          1. Christina says:

            Oh heavens, I wear a sock bun at least twice a week. I ALWAYS do it with dirty hair, because I hate to waste a good blow out. Maybe I need to try it wet. Just have some patience. I taught myself how from youtube…the gal that I watched had one on each side of her head to demonstrate. Good luck!

            1. Jessie says:

              I have thin hair, medium length, but I am still able to wear a sock bun. I find using a men’s dress sock is better than a white athletic sock like in the picture. I also find using it unrolled (DON’T roll into a donut) makes the bun bigger. Because my hair is thin, I do have to do some slight rearranging with a bobby pin or two to get the hair to cover the sock.

              The first time I tried it, it didn’t go so well. Just give it another couple of tries, you’ll get it!

              1. Tracy says:

                I also wear a sock bun on a regular basis and agree with what a lot of the previous posters have to say. I use a mens dress sock and it works best. My hair is rather long , so I don’t have a problem doing this when dry, but doing it wet is easier and usually gets a tighter, more sleek bun. But if you have a hard time with the sock bun, try some Spin Pins!

                1. lydia says:

                  I wear a sock bun all the time… but it took practice for it to not be a disaster.

                  1. Nena says:

                    I had the same result!

                    1. Mary says:

                      I use the sock bun all the time. It not only keeps my hair up and out of my face, it also produces amazing curls when I take it down. My hair is super fine with long layers, so I do have to do some tucking as I am rolling. Also, it helps to use a sock close to the color of your hair so any gaps aren’t noticeable.

                      1. Stephanie says:

                        Just takes practice. Longer hair helps, and the fewer layers in it the better. I usually have to attempt it three or four times to get one right.

                        1. Pennie says:

                          I used to do this in middle school! always came out awesome! i had super long hair then so that may have been why it always came out great

                          1. Brennah says:

                            I love my sock bun. I use it all the time. you really need medium to long hair for it to work well.

                            1. Andrea says:

                              I wear a sock bun everyday in the Navy. Claire’s, (even Wal-Mart) sells what’s called a bun donut and works a better. I’ve even mastered a french braid into a bun donut at the bottom. It’s really simple.

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