05 Feb

Fail: Dried Strawberries (Don’t Try This One!)

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Name: Jana

Original Inspiration: http://www.theworldwidegourmet.com/recipes/dried-strawberries-ruscalleda/

What I Did: Dried strawberries in the oven. Simple yes? Not for me! Mine look nothing like the inspiration pic. Mine look like they need a shave! Instead they went file 13! In the trash! Thanks!

My Result:

Next Time I Will: Put them in a dehydrator next time! If it looks too easy, it probably is! Save time and money and skip it and go with what you know!

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  1. Shelly says:

    Funny enough, I did this yesterday and had the same results as you. Disgusting FAIL.

    1. Katelyn says:

      I was super excited to try this one… thinking… why haven’t I thought of this before? Oh jeez these were disgusting. Although they did make up for themselves when I dumped them into a smoothy later that day. On their own… nasty crap.

      1. Kim says:

        This is probably the most deceiving Pinterest pin out there. There’s no way in h*ll that the ones shown in the picture were made in an oven. most likely a dehydrater since oven drying does not result in them looking like the picture, at all!

        1. Jennifer L says:

          THANK YOU!! I thought it was just me! I consider myself a pretty good cook & baker. Tried these ad though-how great–fresh, homemade natural dried strawberries! And then I made them. And then I keep putting them back in the oven thinking they just hadn’t dried enough. Nope—just soggy wet ugly slimy things. Had to dump the hole huge tray I made. Major fail!!!!! Yuck! (glad I’m not alone!!) ;)

          1. Jennifer L says:

            Wow. Holy typos! Sorry!!

            1. Jessica says:

              Haha…total fail. I was so excited to try it. Totally did not work!

              1. Caroleena says:

                Totally agree!!! Do not try this recipe! It’s bad! My strawberries look exactly the same! Bad all the way!

                1. Ashley says:

                  OMG! I tried these strawberries last week! TOTAL FAIL!!! My boyfriend came over, looked at the pan of sad, gross looking strawberries, looked at me and just said “Pinterest again?!” I was so disappointed! They looked so yummy on the site!

                  1. Ashley says:

                    I just tried this recipe tonight! LOL, I am so dissapointed, I dislike misleading Pins. Theres no way at all that they made this in an oven #EPICFAIL

                    1. coral says:

                      I tried this and it turned out exactly like the photo you showed.

                      1. Alan says:

                        My wife made this as well. Same result. Thanks for the post! She feels better now about all the wasted fruit.

                        1. Diane says:

                          I had the same result when I tried this a few weeks ago. I kept putting them back in the oven thinking they weren’t “done” yet too. I think my total oven time was probably close to 5 hours. They never dried though. And certainly looked nothing like the picture. Just warm slimy strawberries. Glad to discover it wasn’t just me.

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