Fail: Strawberry Santas (iii)

Name: Courtney

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: First Christmas as a wife, and I wanted to make a healthy and festive breakfast treat for my husband and extended fam. Since we had traveled the day before and were not in our own home, I decided ready-made would be best and didn’t make the whipped cream, I just bought a can of Reddi-wip. Yummy and easy, right?

FYI, I’m also a VERY novice cook and didn’t know there was a difference between homemade whipped cream and Reddi-wip. Apparently there’s tons of air and not much body to the canned stuff. But in my defense, the recipe didn’t warn against using it!

Santa’s face started squishing and melting almost immediately, followed by his hat’s pom-pom and buttons. There wasn’t even time to try to freeze them. We were left with depressed little Santas (and bowls of leftover strawberries and Reddi-wip), but we all got a huge laugh out of it!

My Result:

Next Time I Will:  make actual whipped cream (and still serve them pretty quickly). Super cute idea, but I’m still not sure they’re as easy as the recipe makes them sound! At least if you want them to look as great as the pic in the recipe…


  1. andrea

    you know hat?
    i would make the heads out of meringues.
    baked and left to coo, and then stuck together using the cream, or icing sugar. 🙂

  2. Kathleen

    Or you could make something similar to a cheesecake filling, and pipe that in. I’ve done it before and it’s worked well 🙂

  3. Bronwen

    My trick for stabilizing whipped cream is to add a little instant pudding mix, it will stand up to anything and taste the same. You can even leave it at room temperature

  4. Lynsey

    The problem with really good looking baked goods/or regular food is that a lot of companies that do the photography for food dont actually use food lol they use substitutes that make something look better. I watched a documentary on it.

  5. Lindsay McClendon

    I made these…after the first two started to melt I wised up and decided to use icing. I piped it on using a ziplock bag. They held up beautifully and everyone enjoyed them.

  6. Rosanna

    I tried these too with cool whip and while they tasted yummy, they looked just like yours 🙁

  7. Annie

    I made these, the white stuff isn’t actually whipped cream…. It is cream cheese whipped with sugar added to taste. Hope this helps!

  8. lauran

    Try a tub of whipped cream mixed with a 8 ounce package of cream cheese. I use it in my moni fruit pizzabites and it holds up very well even after sitting out for a while

  9. Beverly

    The chefs at my job made these for Christmas last year. You’re right, just make real whipped cream. Just whip some heavy cream until its super thick. You don’t need a stabilizer to make it thick, but you can if you don’t want to sit there and whip it forever. But having a small mixer helps. To sweeten it you can sift in confection (powdered) sugar.

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