1. Sarah

    To get the house to stay, put it together at least 24 hours before decorating it. Also, use royal icing and stacks of sugar cubes at the house “joints” to reinforce the 4 walls (the cubes go inside the house where the walls meet). I can promise you this works. Getting the roof to stay on with the Ikea kits is still kind of tricky, but once the walls are sturdy it’s easier. I can never get the chimneys to work, though, so I just leave those off!

  2. klb4n6

    To put the house together, melt sugar in a frying pan until it’s liquid. Carefully dip the edges of the house you want to stick together. Just hold them together a few minutes and they’ll set easily.

    The only warning I have is that the sugar will be VERY hot, so take precautions not to get the liquid on your bare skin.

  3. Delaney

    The best tip I have ever heard is to make the house out of corrugated cardboard. It’ll hold up under all your decorating efforts. 🙂

  4. Tracy

    Ikea gingerbread house? It failed because you didn’t use an Allen key!

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