Fail: Mason Jar Snow Globes

Name: Bianca


Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I saw the inspiration, thought they would make great gifts. WRONG

A simple project turned into an expensive nightmare from hell, after I had to start over twice. The first lids wouldn’t work, so I had to unstick the animals and start over. The gluing process was the easiest, but finding glycerin and distilled water when you live in downtown Denver is close to impossible.

I ended up having to buy anal suppositories made from Glycerin and melt them down, then pour the molten glycerin into the jars.

In other words, fail.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: 1 – Order Glycerin online
2 – get larger jars or animals
3 – avoid Martha Stewart Crafts glitter
4. Don’t add stupid sequins thinking it would be cute, because it wasn’t
5. Buy two bottles of distilled water vs. 1


  1. Elizabeth

    These work, I’ve been making them for years. You just need to make sure you have the right supplies. FYI you can buy Glycerin at any craft store, natural food store, or drug store

  2. Sandra

    Use WIDER mouth jars as well, and not so tall. The Martha Steward glitter is okay, it was trying to substitute the glycerin that caused the FAIL. Make sure you have all the proper supplies before attempting.

  3. andrea

    i used baby oil and they turned out great but i had to make sure it was sealed good or it was a slimey mess!

  4. eileensideways

    lol at the glycerin suppositories. your site is hilarious.

  5. Ashley

    ROFL!! “Anal Suppositories”!! That was hilarious!!

  6. Heatheryv

    The glycerin is not easy to find. I found it all the way on the bottom shelf near make up supplies at the pharmacy.

  7. Aimee

    I just came across this blog and it is HILARIOUS! It’s literally so true. Finding things on Pinterest, attempting them, and completely failing. Last Christmas I tried making these snow globes as well. I stupidly used regular watch for them and pine cones. Of course the water turned a disgusting brown color and I ended up throwing them away. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wendy

    I made snow-globes with pix inside for my son’s rehearsal dinner. Also a complete nightmare!!! They kept leaking, the glitter kept clumping, paint on the lids peeled off and on and on!!! Once I got it down they were cute but I really had hours and hours invested in this project!

  9. Janet

    You poor thing. Tears rolling down my face and I feel so sorry for anyone who tries so hard and fails. All those anal suppositories mus ha’ve cost you a fortune. I can see my own daughters trying this. I give you a big hug for trying so hard.

  10. Paula

    This one really got me laughing. Such a heartfelt, earnest attempt. The idea of melting down anal suppositories to put in a gift had me laughing so hard I was crying! You can order glycerin on Amazon. I got some for “homemade liquid soap” – a top traffic driver on pinterest to my own blog but an actual fail. The soap rotted and doesn’t keep at all.

  11. lozz

    I did this all the time when i was a kid, i just used a drop of washing up liquid though, too much and it will bubble too much and turn the water green… and your mum will shout at you hehe oops!

  12. Alisa

    Glycerin at Hobby Lobby!!! Lots of those in Denver!

  13. Donna

    I can’t eve see strait I’m laughing so hard. I’ve NEVER read the ingredients of anal suppositories!!!!

  14. Donna

    OMG… I’m getting a charlie horse under my boobs from laughing so hard.

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  16. Maegan

    Glycerine is available at a pharmacy like Walgreens as well. Isn’t Denver kind of a large city? Why wouldn’t it be available?

    The distiller water is just to help prevent mild growth…we always just boiled the heck out of our water…and we used baby food jars.

  17. Enn

    Your way is the only way. Suppositories are the best idea ever. How clever of you to think of using them. I can’t quit laughing.

  18. icebear

    we made these in Girl Scouts long ago when i was little. i think the “snow” was made from moth flakes and i think we used tap water…. the jars were regular baby food jars.

  19. Courtney

    Google “where can i buy glycerin for crafts?” First on the list was Walmart! Denver doesn’t have a Walmart?

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