Fail: Snowman Cookies

Name: De


Original Inspiration:

What I Did: Well, I mostly followed the blog, but I only had gel to decorate with and that did not work very well as you can see and I tried a frosting writing pen that really didn’t work so I gave up in the end and we had melted snow cookies!

My Result:

Next Time I Will: possibly, but I’m not going to try…


  1. Sara H

    The one snowman looks like he is bleeding. lmao, love it.

  2. Fritzoid

    i love these! they are perfect for a spring party. there is something Calvin & Hobbes about them.

  3. Stephanie

    OMG, the bloody snowman.

  4. Deanna M.

    I think they are great, not really cute; but devastatingly awesome!

  5. Andrea

    OMGsh that is so funny! The poor snowman was decapitated…..LOL

  6. Therresa

    I think they are kinda cute.

  7. leesh

    omgosh… he’s bleeding! poor frosty!

  8. Queenoftv

    Those are even better than the original

  9. Helen

    This will be perfect for Halloween!

  10. Jamie

    I am with Queenoftv, these are awesome! I may be a bit twisted, but these would be perfect end of winter cookies! Melting snowman cookies!

  11. Rpoore

    I love the expression of the snowman next to the bleeding one. It’s like he’s worried that he’s next! LOL

  12. Kell

    One looks like it’s being beheaded. LOL

  13. Donna

    Sounds like a great holloween cookie. Love the decapitated snowman.

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