18 Dec

Fail: Snowman Cookies

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Name: De

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deettepete

Original Inspiration: http://www.somewhatsimple.com/melted-snowman-cookies/

What I Did: Well, I mostly followed the blog, but I only had gel to decorate with and that did not work very well as you can see and I tried a frosting writing pen that really didn’t work so I gave up in the end and we had melted snow cookies!

My Result:

Next Time I Will: possibly, but I’m not going to try…

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  1. Sara H says:

    The one snowman looks like he is bleeding. lmao, love it.

    1. Fritzoid says:

      i love these! they are perfect for a spring party. there is something Calvin & Hobbes about them.

      1. Stephanie says:

        OMG, the bloody snowman.

        1. Deanna M. says:

          I think they are great, not really cute; but devastatingly awesome!

          1. Andrea says:

            OMGsh that is so funny! The poor snowman was decapitated…..LOL

            1. Therresa says:

              I think they are kinda cute.

              1. leesh says:

                omgosh… he’s bleeding! poor frosty!

                1. Queenoftv says:

                  Those are even better than the original

                  1. Helen says:

                    This will be perfect for Halloween!

                    1. Jamie says:

                      I am with Queenoftv, these are awesome! I may be a bit twisted, but these would be perfect end of winter cookies! Melting snowman cookies!

                      1. Rpoore says:

                        I love the expression of the snowman next to the bleeding one. It’s like he’s worried that he’s next! LOL

                        1. Kell says:

                          One looks like it’s being beheaded. LOL

                          1. Donna says:

                            Sounds like a great holloween cookie. Love the decapitated snowman.

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