Fail: Chevron Painted Pumpkins

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What I Did: I found these great chevron-painted pumpkins and they seemed easy enough… tape, paint, peel, and you have Chevron Pumpkins! I already had a few different paints in gray and white, as well as the cheapo-brushes, and bought two pumpkins.

I started making chevron tape chain to go around the pumpkins. Did not expect that taping 2 inch pieces of tape back and forth would consume an entire Sunday afternoon, but it did.
Then I applied the tape to the pumpkin. It takes some maneuvering to get it on there without a lot of overlap, which also took FOREVER!

When I have just TWO strips of chevron tape around 1 pumpkin, I’m realizing carving the things would’ve been about done by now.

After HOURS of working on the taping, I was finally ready to paint. After two coats, it was looking pretty freaking sweet, and I was very proud of myself! But I was also starving, so I had to take a break. I went back out to paint a second coat on the bigger of the pumpkins and peel the tape off of the smaller one. Wa hoo!! My hours of work were going to pay off!! Notsomuch. The paint completely peeled off with the tape!!! Annnnnnnd, there went 4 hours of work, down the tubes. Wow. I’ve had other projects not really come out as planned… but never have I had literally hours of work, undone in 2 seconds flat.

I tried other methods to peel the tape off, thinking that would help. I peeled fast, I peeled slow. I peeled off of the dry pumpkin, and then tried peeling off of the still-wet one. Nada. The paint came off like, well, like latex paint, because that’s what it was. Ugh.. Next time… I’ll just spray paint and be done with it.

After scraping away the majority of the paint I got most of it, but they’re still looking pretty sad, with flecks of white paint all over them like bird poop.

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Next Time I Will: I guess I used the wrong paint. Next time, I’ll use craft paint, or spray paint. If I can get all the bird-poop white paint splotches scraped off with my fingernails, the pumpkins can be salvaged. Ya know, in my spare time..


  1. Gwenny

    Oh, I did this and it was a total win. I put the tape directly on the pumpkin, instead of making the chevron and then transferring it to the pumpkin and then I used spray paint. It did take some time, but it was worth it because I did it mid September and left it on the porch through November. It was so cute and I got lots of comments on it!

  2. Brett Winnell

    As an ex-professional painter, I can confirm that latex paint has too much holding power for this type of project. Absolutely use spray paint if you try it again, and you should have much more success.

  3. kay

    pull the tape off when the paint is still wet.
    don’t use latex paint
    use spray paint (it is thinner and won’t peel off the pumpkin if you forget to pull the tape off earlier)

  4. Raeann

    I did this project this afternoon and used spray paint. The paint peeled off of mine too. It looks good from a distance…on one side, but that’s as good as it got. Very bummed…

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