Fail: Cookie Bowls

[Editors Note: This is a pin that has been submitted many times. I’d love to have someone send in a Win because I really want to believe that cookie bowls using muffin tins are something I can do!]

Name: Samantha

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I thought it would be GREAT to eat ice cream out of a chocolate chip cookie bowl……obviously, not tonight……..

My Result:



  1. Marquette

    We get this one sent to us all the time too! Most people try just using regular (homemade or store bought) chocolate chip cookie dough, not realizing that it’s completely the wrong kind of dough. You need a stiffer, not sticky dough (like sugar cookie or shortbread dough). I tested this pin out (using the recipe on the website, not one of my own) and came out with a win: or

    • Jenna

      Now you just need to master the “oven dried strawberries” pin and you will officially be the Pinterest champion! I love the idea of taking frequent submissions and trying to make them work.

      Also love that you commented on my site even though we have a similar vibe happening. If your site every explodes and you have the money I’m up for selling you my URL so you can get the hits from searches that say “Pinterest Fail”. I haven’t pushed the growth of this like I should, so far buying that url was the only smart thing I’ve done 🙂

  2. J.

    cookie bowls are much easier if you use the other side of the muffin pan press the cookie dough into the cups then put waxed paper in the center of each cup and fill with beans or rice or other inexpensive dried food good. That make the center stay open and cup like. Once done baking just throw out the waxed paper and beans or rice.

  3. Marquette

    Oh man…the dried strawberry pin, lol. Honestly, I have no idea where to even start with that one.

    It’s smart that you did buy your url…someone is cybersquatting the .com domain we want, and we’re too cheap to try and pay what they want for it. Oh well…blogger’s cheap. 🙂

    I found your site around the same time that we started ours and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you post. If you’d ever like to do a guest post let us know, we’d love to feature you and your site. I think it’s fun that we have the similar site vibe…it makes it feel like a small club or something. I should have been commenting earlier…I’m so bad at leaving comments on sites I visit, I really should do better at that.

  4. Vanessa R

    I love to bake but unfortunately haven’t tried this yet. Maybe this will help though.
    Before I bake any type of cookie dough I place the dough in the fridge for at LEAST an hour. Most cookie doughs requires softened or melted butter and if your bake directly after making the dough, the butter just causes it to spread. But, if you put it in the fridge, it allows your butter to solidify again. Baking the dough directly from the fridge makes it less likely to spread and even becomes a thicker, fluffier cookie VS a flat one. You could try doing that to the dough before placing it on your muffin tin then bake.

  5. jessica

    I hate to say it…..but it looks like these ones turned out way better than mine!

  6. jessica

    My entire oven was covered in melted cookie goo. My husband was upset that we wasted what could have been good cookies!

  7. Jenelle

    Every time I’ve seen this pinned, it’s been with a non-standard shaped muffin tin, like this and I don’t know where one would acquire those, but it seems like it would make a difference.

  8. Melissa

    @ Janelle. That muffin pan is from Wiltons. You can get it at Michaels, Joanne Fabrics or even Hobby Lobby. I have one but after I see all the fails I was afraid to even try it.

  9. Susan

    I have not seen the original recipe, but it looks like you could fix this by turning over the muffin tins and filling them with a ball of cookie dough, Then use something to make a large indent in the middle. Next put some wax paper over the hole and fill with pie weights, then bake them. Just a thought

  10. Jeanna

    My first attempt at these turned out just like the picture – my second was a WIN!. I covered the back of the muffin tins with foil, and used only enough dough (purchased) to cover the round bottom (not down the sides). Total win when done that way! Used snickerdoodle dough and filled with fruit dip and fresh fruit (like a build your own sundae bar) and I was a genius! (according to the party guests)

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