02 Nov

Fail: Hot Chocolate Cake

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Name: Jon

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/120471358751651911/

What I Did: I wanted to try to make the Hot Chocolate cake for my wife’s birthday, I did my best…

My Result:

Next Time I Will: I would change the name to hot chocolate meltdown! LOL! Very Tasty though!

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  1. ashlee says:

    it looks like it wasn’t quite cooked enough yet! and did you let the cake cool before you iced it? icing melts off when the cake is still even just a little warm

    1. Melissa says:

      It is not a fail to me when it is posted that YOU made this for YOUR Wife! I would love my husband to try and make me a cake.

      1. AndreaY says:

        I made this cake with my daughter for her 4th birthday and it came out beautifully. I can send pics if you want to show a Pinterest Fail that didn’t fail.

        1. Jenna says:

          I think that would be really interesting!

          1. AndreaY says:

            OK, I just submitted my version of this cake. Sorry it took a month!

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