Fail: Magic Perrier

Name: Samantha

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Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I wanted to make a drink for my friends baby shower. I saw this thinking the pink would go great. I got the directions off of where I re-pinned it. Instead of the cotton candy turn into cute little dots, the colors blended and the cotton candy just dissolved. Yuck. It turned into an ugly blue.

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My Result:

Next Time I Will: Complete fail. Just eat the cotton candy and drink the sparkling water separately.


  1. Pam

    The problem was not with the recipe or how you followed it. Your expectations based on the picture were inaccurate. What you saw in the picture was actually just the bubbles from the Perrier (the fizz floating up) and not candy bits. It’s amazing how good photography can really fool you (and me and the rest of the world!)

  2. Nix

    Did you expect it to be multicoloured just like the cotton candy is? Because it won’t ever turn that way. If you ask me, the blue colour is also just as pretty as if it were pink.

  3. Maria

    O’Charley’s makes cotton candy Shirley Temples and use Sprite instead. I love that drink so maybe give that a try?

  4. Promised Unicorn

    Also, it’s called Magic Perrier cause Perrier water needs to be used. The carbonation is different than the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water. Perrier is mineral water. Where as Ice Mountain is sparking spring water. One is naturally carbonated while the other one isn’t. Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava should give the same result.

  5. Daniel

    in your attempt to be cheap, you either chose not to follow the instructions, or didn’t bother to actually read them. But what’s worse, is that it is called magic PERRIER. The ingredient you didn’t use was in the title. You’re the sole reason the project wasn’t a success. You also used pink and blue cotton candy, so I’m not sure how you expected to get a pink result when blue and pink mixed make . . . lavender. The purple ish blue color is actually very pretty, though I understand why you’d be surprised if, for whatever reason, you though pink and blue cotton candy would just be pink.

  6. icebear

    bogus recipe and misleading photograph. not your fault.

  7. melissa ferns

    It’s not a fail its only supposed to flavor the water. What you see in the picture is light hitting the bubbles from the carbonation of the PERRIER water. If you wanted it to be pink you should have bought only pink cotton candy. This is more user error than fail. Nice try though and i hate when pins have misleading pictures it was most likely posted by someone who has experience with photography and lighting effects.

  8. Colleen

    No matter which liquid is used the result will be the same because Cotton candy is just sugar and coloring that has been heated and spun. You wouldn’t expect regular sugar to do magic things when you add liquid to it so why expect cotton candy to bend the laws of physics and the time continuum?

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