Fail: Autographed Letter from a Disney Character

Name: Nikki

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I showed the original pin to my son and daughter and they got all excited. Finally, something that got them pumped about handwriting! My daughter wrote to Rapunzel and my son wrote to Buzz Lightyear (I KNOW you can find him at Disney World). We mailed the letters and waited anxiously.
What we got back was not as advertised on the pin. My daughter got a Disney princess postcard. She loved it anyway, especially since she couldn’t read the message on the other side written and signed by Cinderella. Wrong princess! My son felt truly scammed. His postcard had the Mickey Mouse gang on it, signed by Mickey. Not even close!
I guess as Disney parks raise their prices, everything else gets cheaper (and lazier).

My Result:

Next Time I Will: Next time a project like this comes along (I had no control over the outcome), I will test it out myself before I get my kids’ hopes up.


  1. Amanda Barton-Epple

    We sent some of these this summer and the kids got nothing in return. Total fail on Disney’s part.

  2. Ashley

    As a Disney entertainment performer i can tell you that original pin is not from Disney. That signature isn’t done the way all cinderella’s are trained to sign, she would never have been approved with that to sign anything.
    Disney doesn’t send personalized letters unless its for weddings or special circumstances (make a wish children)

  3. ellie

    What I would have done is just sign the picture myself. My daughter wouldn’t know the difference. lol.

  4. Heather

    That’s sad that Disney no longer sends personalized letters except for special circumstances.. When I was about 5 years old (I’m now 27) I sent a letter to Mickey complaining that I loved Daisy Duck but had a hard time finding anything with her on it when I visited Disneyland and he sent me back a letter apologizing and included a signed photo of Daisy!

  5. Juliana

    I wrote to Snow White when I was like 6 and I got a picture back 🙂

  6. Jennifer

    Disney ha really cut back on this. Disney only sends back a postcard of Mickey & Minnie saying Congratulations when you mail them a wedding invitation now (We were married this past may and sent an invite to both DL & WDW, Mickey and Cinderella each were sent their own as well, we only got one post card back, nothing personalized and came to us in awful condition). Not worth the cost of the invitation and postage by any means. Disney fail.

  7. Lucas

    There are better options out there!

    For example, try

    You fill your child info through the website and you get a personalized letter and a photo of the child with the character. It’s gorgeous!

  8. Pam

    An earlier post noted the address is not affiliated with Disney. Therefore, I’m a bit nervous about sending my child’s name, age and address to someone I can’t verify as a scam.

  9. Dani

    I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. I know the feeling all to well as my daughter sent a drawing and letter to rapimzel and 3 months my disappointed darling is still anxiously waiting. Her heartbreak each day after checking an empty letter box ended up leaving me so disappointed that I faked my own Disney letter and sent it to her myself just to end the Disneys disappointing affect that was taunting my child daily! Shame on you Disney!

  10. Zech

    You guys do realize that disney probably get hundreds of thousands of letters a day that you are expecting them to respond to for FREE?

    Not shame on Disney. Shame on you for expecting something for nothing. It would cost them ridiculous amounts of money and time to send responses to every single letter they receive. Also, adults wanting special recognition from Disney for their wedding should take their honeymoon to one of the parks, tell guest services that you are celebrating your marriage, and they will give you a giant “Just Married” button and every cast member who sees it will treat you like the star you feel you deserve to be treated as.

    Unless you’re gay. Then they ignore you entirely.

  11. Kate

    I agree that you can’t EXPECT to get a letter back–after all, you aren’t paying for it. Still, it’s a shame that some kids are disappointed.
    My suggestion (as I plan to do with my babysitting clients) is not to tell the kids that they can get a letter back. If they do, it’s a wonderful surprise; if not, they’ll forget it.

  12. alii

    You say that these people shouldn’t expect it? Because it costs money on Disney’s part…
    You can EASILY blow $400 in ONE day there.
    && you say we aren’t paying for it?
    Maybe if you send in a pic of your ticket or something that should be all the damn “payment” I should have to give them to receive a dinky piece of paper with some ink scribbled on it.
    They could just have a pile of every characters signature on it then just have people sending ’em out when requested.
    Even if getting Thousands a day, then they CAN afford to hire people specifically for “mailing.”

    • jessica

      Loved the way you put it 👏

    • Amanda

      Are YOU kidding me?!? Do you know how many people it takes to run the park and keep it that clean and keep the “magic” going for the billions (YES, BILLIONS) of people that come through those turnstiles? And each one of those people that you see and DON’T see need to get paid…a livable wage…with benefits (because they take care of their employees–excuse me, cast members). Think it’s not worth the money? Spend a day at Universal where they DON’T employ or invest in as many people. Look around at the peeling paint and see the employees (that aren’t trained for two weeks before even setting foot in a guest area) laugh and yuck it up with friends instead of ensuring an experience for their patrons. Then talk to me about frivolity. I’m sure Disney was able to accommodate personally autographed signed pictures when they were getting handfuls of letters a day; but that was BEFORE social media took over the world, made this a known treat, and resulted in, I’m sure, thousands of letters coming daily. Be reasonable. Don’t expect something for nothing. Disney is known for going above and beyond, but when you set the standard AT above and beyond, you’re setting yourself up for a failed experience and that’s not on Disney, that’s on you.

  13. Chloe

    I did this, it worked and I was happy with my postcard. They don’t give 8×10’s anymore. And they only have 2 options. One has princesses,
    And the other has Mickey and his friends:

    It did take a while for them to come, but the kids were excited.

    PS: We sent our letters individually, try that if you have multiple letters.

  14. Janice B

    You can go on dis boards and find a fairy godmother- a person traveling to the parks ahead of you. It’s kind of a pay it forward kind of deal, but I love fairy Godmothering so I do it even though my kids are a bit too old now to get fairy godmother postcards of their own. I take on three or four families a trip and have characters we are seeing anyway sign postcards, then write personalized messages as their fairy godmother on the back and send them on.

    • Brittney

      Can you post links? I would like to do this!

  15. Heather

    I’m really disappointed to here this is a fail!!! I would expect from a company who’s whole purpose and profit is children and their parents buying their products and visiting their parks could give something free… I don’t know how much money I’ve spent in movies clothing toys and bedding of Disney and they can’t be convencient with sending an autograph pic is ridiculous and just sad

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