Fail: Blue Moon Margaritas

Name: KPappa

Original Inspiration:, via


What I Did: My friend and I had both pinned this drink so when she came to visit we set out to try it. We followed the directions to a “t”, filled the glass less than half way but still had MAJOR spillage. And it tasted awful. We ended up just making mango margs and had a great time!

My Result:

pinterest fail blue moon margartia

Next Time I Will: Just make mango margaritas again, no beer included.




  1. Amanda Barton-Epple

    Oh no…I was going to try those.

    The Blue Moon cupcake recipe on Pinterest come out great. Made them for my husband’s birthday. Try them next time.

  2. Maliki

    Poor the beer in a frosted glass first (1/3 the way) then top with the frozen margarita mix after the suds die some. I like to do it with Shiner.

  3. Melissa

    It could be because it looks like you used regular blue moon – in the original they use blue moon summer honey wheat – great beer way different than regular blue moon. Just a thought you could try it again soon as their summer ale should be out soon

  4. melissa ferns

    i would try a wider glass, they serve these at restaurants out here with whichever beer you choose so i don’t think the type really matters but they are all served in wide large margarita glasses it should be wide enough and big enough for the bottle to tilt and rest on the side not standing straight up like in your example maybe a few modifications with the glass and proportions/flavors and you would have yourself a win.

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